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Tennis holidays for Groups

Our beachclub tennis holidays are great for groups looking to play together, with courts available at all of our beachclubs in Sardinia, Croatia and Greece (except Cosmos). Whatever your age or ability, we have inclusive group coaching and social tennis available for you to get involved in.

Free court and equipment hire

There are seven courts at Messini (shared with Buca); six at Alana; four at Baia dei Mori and the Retreat; three at Portomyrina Palace and Aeolian Village and two at Vounaki.  If you want to play into the evening when the temperature is cooler, or you want to maximise time in the water when the sun is out, the courts at Aeolian Village are floodlit. You can sign up at your beachclub to hire courts for ‘free play’ when they are not in use for coaching sessions.

Equipment is free to use so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own racket or balls; unless you want to! It’s all included in the price of your holiday. To give you the best experience possible, we provide equipment from renowned French experts Babolat, one of the oldest companies specialising in racket sports.

Hiring a court for ‘free play’ is great if you want to play and practice with your friends and family but to really get your game going, take advantage of the free group coaching sessions. They take place daily and are grouped by ability so you can get the coaching you need. We also run social tennis for two hours per day, a great way to mingle with other groups. Plus, once a week there is ‘Booze and Balls’. We’re going to leave this one to your imagination, but it’s definitely not to be missed!


Free group coaching for adults

Free group tennis coaching sessions are available to all guests at beachclubs where we have tennis courts. You will be grouped by ability so you can learn and play with players at a similar level. Don’t worry, there won’t be a test! You can decide which group is most suitable for you by finding out what tennis level you are.

If everyone in your holiday group is around the same level, you’ll be grouped together for tennis. Don’t worry if you’re not, there are group sessions available for all ages and abilities. Whatever your ability level, your coach will help you improve your individual game as well as giving you drill, game and practice ideas to use with your group in ‘free play’ time.

Our coaches will have you hitting as many balls as possible during sessions to keep you motivated and help improve your game through repetition. What you’ll learn will vary depending on your ability but all groups will cover the techniques, movements and rules of the game. Beginner groups cover the basics and more advanced groups will focus on developing strokes such as topspin backhand and building confidence volleying at the net.

At the end of the week we run a mini-tournament so you can practice the skills you have learnt against players of a similar level. Everyone is welcome to take part and it’s a great way to celebrate how far you’ve come and get some extra practice in.

All levels of group tennis coaching take place for an hour every day at all of our beachclubs with tennis courts. If you want to have a go, simply sign up at the start of your holiday and make the most of our tennis experts.


Where to learn

All our beachclubs with courts are great for groups looking to play tennis, but if there are lots of you we recommend you visit our beachclubs with more courts. That way there’ll be plenty of space for 'free play' between coaching sessions. You’ll find more courts at:

  • Messini, Greece: Our flagship tennis beachclub has seven astro courts and offers a premium tennis package for those wanting more intense group coaching.
  • Buca, Greece: Our new adult-only beachclub in Greece, with just 53 rooms, shares seven tennis courts with Messini Beachlub
  • Alana, Croatia: Six brand new courts with stunning views of the Paklenica National Park. Also offers a premium tennis package for more intense coaching.
  • Retreat, Greece: Make the most of the two hard and two astro courts at this stunning beachclub nestled in wooded hillside with less windy conditions.