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Recruitment FAQ's

Let's get started with your Neilson adventures...

What are the Neilson criteria for hiring overseas staff?
If you are looking to join us, you'll need to be over the age of 18 and able to meet with the points stated below.
In order for us to acquire the necessary legal paperwork required to place you in an overseas position, you must:
  • Hold a valid UK, EU, EEA or Swiss passport
  • Hold a UK National Insurance number
  • Currently be registered to a fixed address within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
PLEASE NOTE: Regrettably, if you are currently registered to a fixed address in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, it is not possible for us to obtain the necessary legal paperwork required to post you overseas at this time.
Can I still apply to work for Neilson, even though I am not currently in the UK?
This can be a little complicated as Neilson are a UK based company. In order to post you overseas, we must obtain specific legal paperwork
Unless you are currently employed overseas by a UK based company, you will normally need to return to the UK before taking up any potential employment opportunity with us.
Please read below for further clarification: 
  • If you are currently living and working in the UK - Please apply today!
  • If you are aged over 18, currently live in the UK, you are either unemployed, self-employed, in full-time education or retired Please apply today!
  • If you are from the UK, but currently based overseas – Providing that you will return to a fixed address in the UK before you start working for us please apply today!
  • If you currently work overseas for a UK based company and will not be coming back to the UK anytime soon, you will need to check with your employer about your current employment status. If you are currently employed overseas as a ‘Posted Worker’ - Please apply today!
  • If you are overseas and not planning to return to the UK before you would potentially start working for us, this could make it difficult to consider your application. Please email the team on
How do I apply to work for Neilson Active Holidays?
If you're up for the challenge, we'd love to hear from you, so kick-start your adventure and complete an online application today!
Give yourself the best chance and be sure to complete every section thoroughly so that we can get a feel for who you are and what you are all about.
If your application passes the initial criteria, you will be placed on a list of potential candidates; however, this does not guarantee an interview at this stage.
The team will then take a closer look at the information you have provided to see if you could be a good fit for the business and for the role to which you have applied. This process can take some time and we will contact all successful applicants as soon as possible.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are unable to apply for a specific position through our online application form, then this role is not currently available! 
Do you have any positions available?
Please keep an eye on our website recruitment pages and our social media pages:
What qualifications are required for each job role?
Please look through our summer and winter job descriptions located in the links below:
You will find additional information regarding UK roles and current vacancies here.
What type of first aid certificate do we require during the summer?
If successful, you’ll need to enrol onto a certified practical first aid course available in your area. (Min 6-hour course)
These courses tend to be valid for 3 years, so if you already have one, make sure that it will be valid for the duration of your contract.
There are lots of companies that offer first aid courses, so a simple google search should bring up available classes near you.
Children’s Club - If you are working in the Children’s Club, ideally, we would prefer that you obtain a 1-day paediatric first aid certification; however, this is not essential, and a standard 1-day first aid certification would otherwise be acceptable.
Beach Staff - As a staff member working on the beach, you will need a course that covers the RYA first aid requirements.
Visit the RYA website to find out exactly what cover you require.
Active Team - All members of the Active Team require a standard 'First Aid At Work' certificate. This includes Lifeguard/Swim Coaches, Tennis/Fitness Instructors and Bike Guides.
When can I apply for the next summer or winter season?
Winter - Generally speaking, we will usually open applications for the winter season in June.
Summer- We will usually open applications for the summer season in December.
Do not apply for a season that is not currently available. Due to data protection, we are unable to save your applications for prolonged periods.
Keep, an eye on our Neilson Active Holidays website recruitment pages along with our social media pages. We will advertise when the applications are open.
If you need further information, please drop us an email with your contact details to
Are we able to apply as a couple and will we be able to live together?
Of course, be sure that you both mention this clearly on your application forms. We will make every effort to ensure that you are living together.
The job I would like to apply for is not on the application form?
The position that you are applying for is likely oversubscribed for this current season.
Either apply for an alternative position or drop us an email to tell us about your talents
Have you received my application, when am I likely to hear something?
You should have received a response at the time of application; however, it is essential to note that we only have a limited number of positions available throughout our programme; therefore the competition for these roles is fierce! 
Due to the nature of our business and the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to promise any interviews or roles in the early stages, and it is only possible for us to respond to successful applicants.
If you submit a fantastic application and we feel that you have the skills and the experience to join our team, we will likely be getting in touch to arrange an interview with you once we have a suitable position available.
Dependent on when you apply, the recruitment process can often take some time.
We will acknowledge if your application is being considered; however, this can be a lengthy process depending on when you apply. If you have not heard from us within six months of applying, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.
More often than not, the volume of applications that we receive outweighs the number of positions that we have available. We may not have a job for you at this time, or perhaps you applied for a role that was not best suited with the information provided in your application.
In this instance, we apologise for any disappointment and encourage you to re-applying for an alternative role in the future. We have a variety of jobs roles that require many different skills, so please check out the Neilson recruitment page.
Here you'll the details for each of the job roles available and you can re-submit an alternative application: 
If you need any further information, please drop us an email with your contact details to
I would like more information about working for Neilson Active Holidays
Click here for information covering the following points:
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