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General Hotel Manager (Spanish speaking)

Please send your CV and covering letter through to:

Job Title: Hotel General Manager 


Department: Neilson Beach Club


Location: South East Spain


Reports to: Business Manager


Direct Reports: Activity Manager, Hospitality Manager, Front of House Manager, Head Chef, Purchasing Manager, Head Housekeeper, Accountant


Interfaces with: Head of Hotel Operations, Head of Overseas Operations & HR

Job Role Summary

To manage the day-to-day operation and performance of our brand-new Neilson property in south east Spain. You will facilitate an enjoyable guest experience, generate sales revenue and ensure that all standards are maintained.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

•    To ensure that all departments are run in accordance with our hotel policy. 
•    Prioritise guest and staff welfare and ensuring a personalized service is provided at all times. 
•    Provide training for all hotel employees in order to achieve the highest degree of competence when undertaking their duties.
•    To be a role model and champion the Neilson vison and values in a professional and positive manner. 
•    To achieve the set customer service and financial targets across all departments within your hotel operations.


Customer Service
•    Build rapport with all guests and team members to enhance their Neilson experience.
•    Anticipate the needs and feelings of the customer and responded appropriately.
•    Identify and resolve any customer issues or complaints.
•    Analyse customer complaints to identify trends and improve the overall experience.

•    Monitor and maintain all aspects of the property in accordance with our health and safety policies.
•    In the event of a fire alarm activation adhere to the statutory procedures to ensure safe evacuation of all staff and guests.
•    Identify equipment and supply requirements and report any defects in a timely manner to the Business Manager.
•    Ensure all records are maintained in accordance with the company and legal requirements.

Operational Management
•    Manage and motivate your team to achieve their targets.
•    Prioritize the needs of your team to ensure that they are able to perform their role to the best of their ability.
•    To be highly organized at all times in order to achieve your objectives.
•    Empower your direct reports and delegate effectively so that they take ownership of their own departments.
•    Effectively use, monitor and control your manpower and material resources whilst balancing both budgetary requirements and customer needs.
•    Support direct reports within their roles as required.
•    Communicate effectively with your teams to support them in the daily management of the business.
•    Carry out any oral and written communication in a manner, level and pace, that will promote their understanding and build effective working relationships. 
•    Establish productive working relationships at all levels and ensure interpersonal conflict is identified and minimized.
•    Carry out effective overseas recruitment and selection of new employees in accordance with company procedures, best practices and in line with wage budgets.
•    Ensure there is a quick and decisive response to resolve immediate and short-term problems.
•    To be actively involved in the recruitment of new staff for your resort with the assistance of the UK recruitment team.


Performance Management
•    Identify the training needs of direct reports in relation to business plans and objectives.
•    Provide feedback at regular one to ones and complete the appraisal process for each employee. 
•    Manage poor performance and conduct issues in accordance with the UK HR team.
•    Motivate your team through recognition, reward and incentives.

•    Set, monitor and control the budget and expenditure within your property. 
•    Complete detailed inventories for all staff accommodation and take utility readings at the beginning and end of season. 
•    Promote responsible tourism for the benefit of the environment by creating a culture of low wastage.
•    Carry out all duties to ensure the smooth running of our overseas operation as designated by the Business Manager.

Resort Manager Personal Specification



•    Strong leadership and personal presence
•    Ability to demonstrate focus, energy and tenacity in the pursuit of results
•    Self-motivated and able to motivate, influence and inspire others.


Technical Skills & knowledge

Proficient user of Microsoft Office, Excel, excellent numeracy skills and a strong command of the Spanish and English language.


Experience & Track Record

Organised and punctual with previous professional experience in:

•    Managing an overseas operation
•    Staff management
•    Achieving targets, budget control and maximizing revenue.

Desirable - Previous knowledge of Neilson product


Qualifications, Training, Professional Memberships or Accreditations

Educated to GCSE standard
Desirable - Management qualification e.g. Degree or equivalent.