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Sail Repairer job description

Job Title: Sail Repairer

Department: Yachts

Location: Overseas

Reports to: Maintenance Manager/Yacht Operations Manager/Yacht Manager

Job Role Summary

To take ownership of the sail loft, its inventory and repair of all canvas work for both the yacht department and the beach team. Repairs will also come in from other beach-clubs to be completed on demand.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

Organise the sail-loft pre-season, during & end of season.

Ensure all yachts have the correct sails at all times.

Provide a full inventory of the sail-loft allowing the correct amount of spares to be distributed between beach-clubs.

Repair/maintain both yacht and beachclub sails on an on-demand basis.

Provide an order list ready for the following season.

Assist with all maintenance involving canvas work in the yacht department.

Maintain a working sail-loft at all times.

Keep an effective store-room with enough spares at all times (within reason).

Knowledge, skills & experience required

Previous experience working in a sail-loft repairing a wide range of sails and working with different fabrics.

Previous customer-service experience.

Sound knowledge of sail repair and making techniques.

Knowledge of sail theory would be beneficial.

Ability to operate and maintain sewing machines.

Personal qualities

Able to work on their own and self-motivated.

Does not mind working long, flexible hours.

Clean and tidy appearance.