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Supervisors job description

Job Title: Operations Supervisor

Department: Overseas

Location: Overseas

Reports to: Area Manager

Direct Reports: Head Reps, Ski Reps, Kids Reps

Job role summary:

To ensure the smooth and profitable delivery of the Neilson product, service and operation throughout your area according to Company standards, policies and procedures.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

Customer Service

• Maintain good working relationships with key suppliers responsible for service delivery in order to exceed customer expectations

• To monitor CS Key Performance Indicators and report to Area Manager

• To assist Area Manager and resort staff in formulating action plans to prevent and resolve problem areas.

• Managing and awarding of compensation to customers when appropriate.

• To provide professional telephone service and assistance to all guests when needed.

• To ensure good quality of all customer facing materials (noticeboards, uniform, stationery)

• Take an active supervisory role, leading the way on resort visits by presenting yourself to both staff and suppliers in full Neilson uniform. Actively assisting staff and customers giving advice and support in ski fit, snow briefs and snow socials.

• Weekly control and running of your gateway airport as designated by line manager.

• Seek direct feedback from customers, suppliers and staff at all times and use constructively to improve service initiatives, providing the best possible customer service and support at all times.

• Continual monitoring of service provided by staff and suppliers. Formulate action plans to prevent and resolve problem areas ensuring continual improvement of service initiatives

• Regularly visit all units in your area to ensure Company standards of service, cleanliness and presentation are being adhered to

• Assist purchasers in improving the product and protecting existing bed stock.


• To achieve the targets set by the Area manager for Ski pack and Après sales.

• Responsible for accurate and timely financial accounting within the area of responsibility.

• To assist in the negotiation of recovery of CIR & Ex-gratia

• To ensure all banking slips get referenced against the bank account on a weekly basis.

• Monitor and control budgets and expenditure within your area assisting finance admin with the accurate and timely financial accounting for your area.

• To ensure that reps know how much they have spent on their phone, Internet and other budgets so there is no overspending.

• Monitor and account for the handling and security of company monies.

• To ensure all staff have adequate means of securing their funds.

• Ensure resort staff financial paperwork is processed both timely and accurately.


• Ensure all bookings are checked with suppliers within deadlines.

• To manage all personnel issues and the organisation of the relevant paperwork

• To communicate effectively with all UK departments.

• To produce and enforce SOP’s for all operational procedures in line with UK requirements.

• Ensure detailed inventories are completed for all units and staff accommodation, and that utilities readings are taken at the beginning and end of season.

• To use E forms reports to manage sales performance and targets.

• Collect, check over and sign off all CS paperwork, Transportation checklists and quality paperwork, discussing any problems encountered and addressing issues of poorly completed paperwork.

• Check transport grids and report anomalies. Reconfirm transfer cover to transport Admin.


• To have an excellent knowledge of all brochure promises and make sure they are delivered.

• To manage and collate all Quality paperwork: PIF’s, RIF,s, brochure declarations, ICR forms etc.

• To assist the H+S Officer with ensuring that the safety/quality audits are conducted accurately and in time (and follow up any outstanding issues).

• To assist purchasers in improving the product and protecting existing bedstock

• To help purchasers with finding new stock in resort and do the Pre Contracting Checklist where needed.

• Assist in the procurement of late beds on demand.

• Assist in the organisation of all Educationals/ Press trips/Film crews


• To communicate effectively with all UK departments

• To keep good working relationships with all co-workers, staff and suppliers.

• To achieve high staff retention figures.

• Complete disciplinary/ capability procedures with staff. Complete relevant paperwork and submit to office.

• To mediate between staff when personal disputes arise.

Staff Management

• To organise the Rep’s time tables and ensure an even for distribution of work

• Set and monitor objectives, carry out formal appraisals and constant feedback for all direct reports.

• Carry out pre-season training for resort staff

• Submit and review proposed staffing ratios and recommendations for the area, for planning and brochure costing purposes.



These are the main accountabilities, however you will be required to carry out other duties which help with the smooth running of overseas operations as designated by your Manager.

Presentation (first impressions e.g. Body language, voice, appearance)

Essential: Approachable, confident, and knowledgeable.

Excellent appearance and personal grooming.

Education and Qualifications (secondary education, further education & professional qualifications)

Essential: Educated to GCSE standard.

Driving licence

Desirable: Tourism qualification.


Train to train or similar course completed.

Knowledge and Experience (knowledge of travel industry, professional knowledge, relevant work experience)

Essential: Previous ski experience (preferred at least 2 seasons).

Minimum 3 years customer service experience.

Numeracy skills

Basic language skills for country of work

Desirable: Previous supervisory role.

Ski repping and/or admin experience.

Conversational or fluent language skills.

IT Skills (competence level required)

Essential: Computer literate with word, excel, email.

Able to access and navigate on internet.

Personal Qualities (personal qualities required e.g. communicative ability, motivation, personality, analytical ability, logical, persuasive, flexibility, leadership qualities etc.)

Essential: Good leadership and communicational skills.

Organised, flexible, energetic, self-motivated and career minded.

Ambitious, target orientated with good negotiation skills.