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Bareboat sailing holidays

If you don't fancy a flotilla holiday and you've already got plenty of sailing experience then a bareboat or independent charter sailing holiday could be just the thing. If you hold a Day Skipper or International Certificate of Competence (ICC) certificate you can have the freedom to sail wherever and whenever you want around our sailing areas in the north and south Ionian.



At a glance...
  • Sailing in the north and south Ionian
  • One or two weeks
  • Includes flights, transfers and yacht
  • Plot your own route
  • For experienced and qualified sailors
  • Daily contact with Neilson crew

The newer yachts in our fleet, those launched from 2009 are available to use for bareboat holidays. They'll be ready for you to climb aboard at 5pm on your arrival day and you'll be free to get going the following morning once your boat is fuelled and your boat papers have been signed.

Plan your own route

You’ll love the freedom that bareboat sailing gives you. Set off on your own journey around the Ionian; picking the places you want to visit, decide where to anchor or moor up, spend a night, a few days or keep on the move clocking up the sea miles.


Before you head out. We’ll check out the route you’ve planned, we’ll even recommend some hotspots to visit. Once you set of, you’re not completely alone. We will text or call you every morning to update you on weather conditions and check your trip is the best it can be.

Your experience

You’ll need to be a good sailor to make the most of a bareboat holiday. When you book, we’ll need to know that at least two of your crew are over 18 and have heaps of sailing knowledge and experience.

We need to know that you’ve been in charge of a yacht for several cruises and you should both be pretty comfortable sailing in a range of conditions. Remember you’ll be on your own! You should also hold a minimum RYA Day Skipper or ICC certificate.

What's included?

Our bareboat charter sailing holidays include pretty much everything you need to set sail. All you really need to worry about is your food and drink.

All holidays include: flights and transfers; your yacht; full tanks of diesel, water and gas; marine insurance; damage waiver; security deposit; comprehensive tools and spares; manual for everyday repair & maintenance; additional charts & pilot book; mobile phone & charger; extra warps; grocery starter pack; dedicated bareboat co-ordinator; skipper & engineer's briefing; details of all flotilla routes, our staff and contact numbers

How to book

To book your bareboat sailing holiday, or to find out more, you'll need to give our specialist sales team a call on 0333 014 3351