Welcome to Neilson.

A different kind of holiday company. We realised over 40 years ago that we wanted something more from our holidays.

So in 1978, Neilson was born. Created by a group of like-minded people, who embody everything we are: inclusive, active and fun! With a simple idea really: to give active people more of what they love while they're away.

Holidays for full of life people. Ants-in-your-pants kind of people. The doers. The get up and give it a goers. With all-you-can-ski pistes, all-you-can-sail boats and all-you-can-ride bikes.

Sure, we've got sun beds, but people tend to fall into them after a day well spent, not because there's nothing else to do.

This is a holiday where a glass of rosé tasted even better because you've earned it. Where people talk over dinner because they've got loads to talk about. Where you sleep the deepest sleep, with a tired body but a rested mind. And everyone goes home more relaxed, because they've truly switched off.

Welcome to all-you-can-do holidays.