Wakeboarding is an adrenaline-fuelled watersport that combines elements of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing to create an exhilarating and exciting sport.

It can be fast and furious but is also surprisingly easy to get to grips with the basics. And with expert coaching from the Neilson wakeboarding team total newbies can be up and riding within a few goes behind the boat.

Our Beach Clubs have British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW) 'Accredited Ski School' status, ensuring optimum safety and superb tuition through all levels. Our expert instructors will help you get started or give you top tips to nail the elusive wake jumps or flips you've been chasing.

Come and join us on one of our wakeboarding holidays at Alana Beach Club in Croatia, plus Levante Beach, Vounaki, Messini and Buca Beach Clubs in Greece.

The lowdown

  • Up to 2 free wakeboard tows per person per week
  • Available at Alana, Levante Beach, Vounaki, Messini and Buca Beach Clubs
  • Pre-book a wakeboard package for more board time
  • Junior wakeboard package
  • Suitable for all levels and abilities