Kayaking holidays can be as active and exhilarating as you want them to be. Take to the water for a leisurely paddle along sparkling coastlines or feel the pull of your paddle as you cut through the water. With all of our Beach Clubs offering inclusive kayaking - all day, every day - you can get out on the water whenever you want. You can glide along the water and reach spots that feel unreachable from land, often with less effort than you might expect.

With no tuition needed, you can set off for a paddle whenever you want. Just pop on a buoyancy aid, grab a paddle and you're ready to go. Kayaks will be waiting on the shore for you at all of our Beach Clubs. Why wait?

The lowdown

  • Inclusive kayaking holidays in Croatia, Greece and Sardinia
  • Guided kayak safaris
  • Free to use, no need to join a session
  • Single and double kayaks
  • Great for kids of all ages