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Activity holidays in Greece

Greece has long been a verified water sports and sailing paradise. For those who love an active beach holiday, the warm waters and hundreds of islands make it an ideal location. Greece and the great outdoors really do go hand in hand!

The constant, summer winds keep dinghy sailing and windsurfing sails full, whilst the gentle ripples are perfect for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. With endless caves and bays to discover, and plenty of ways to explore them, our active holidays in Greece are an ever popular choice with kids and families of all ages.

Activity holidays in Greece are all about taking things at your own pace. Unwind by the pool, throw yourself in our inclusive activities or head out to explore the surrounding area. Children aged 4 months upwards can have fun making new friends in our cool kids’ clubs and everyone can enjoy al fresco dining under the stars as you share your day’s adventures.

Our beachclubs in Greece
  • Flights, transfers and accommodation included
  • Discover our beachclubs on the Ionian mainland, Peloponnese peninsula and the Greek island of Rhodes
  • Up to 15 inclusive activities to choose from including windsurfing, kayaking, fitness classes and mountain biking
  • Inclusive kids' clubs for 2 - 17 year olds
  • Adult only Buca Beachclub
  • Adult & Active Family at Retreat Beachclub
  • New for 2022 - Levante Beach Beachclub, Rhodes

When it comes to choosing amazing destinations for activity holidays, Greece is a real Neilson mainstay. With its gorgeous coastlines, green hillsides blanketed with olive groves and fascinating culture, it’s little wonder this sunny gem is home to no less than seven of our beachclubs

Aerial view of sandy bay in Greek islands

Where to go in Greece for an activity holiday

Vounaki and Retreat Beachclubs can be found among the mainland and islands of the Ionian Sea. If you’re interested in a yacht sailing activity holiday, this stunning area is the place for you. 

The southern peninsula of the Peloponnese is home to some of the finest and least developed beaches in the country. And this is where you will find our neighbouring Messini and Buca Beachclubs. The pair share some activities and facilities, but Buca Beachclub is an adult-only zone that’s all about child-free downtime.  

And new for Summer 2022, we're delighted to welcome the wonderful Levante Beach Beachclub on this sunshine island of Rhodes.

mum and son on kayak

Family activity holidays to Greece

Levante Beach, Cosmos, Messini and Vounaki Beachclubs, offer summer-long kids’ clubs, where your kids can actually get the most out of the glorious sun-filled days. With bucket loads to do for children of all ages and even a Starfish creche for babies and toddlers, we can take care of everyone in your family.

Our energetic program of watersports and on-shore activities is perfect for all your active children, whether it’s kayaking, sailing or paddle boarding they want to try. Don’t be surprised if even the shyest of kids end your family holiday with new friends and hobbies.

Messini is particularly good for family activity holidays, with a giant chessboard, kids pool, play area and frog bikes. The club also has a long sandy beach that kids of all ages enjoy.

We’ve moved away from the usual range of kids’ clubs, lunchtime and evening care at Retreat Beachclub. Instead, there’s a focus on activities for families to do together. 

couple stand up paddle boarding in Greece

Couples' activity holidays to Greece

The hidden coves, sheltered bays and boutique-style hotel at Buca Beachclub were made for couples’ holidays. This adult-only destination offers a wide selection of activities for couples, whether you try them together or individually. 

Head out on a cycle ride to explore, join a guided ride or get competitive on one of our seven tennis courts. Group coaching is included during your stay, so you’ll be able to up your game and improve your fitness.

Kayaking as a couple is a brilliant way to explore the coastline. Early birds should head out just after breakfast to enjoy the calmest seas. For days where you simply want to unwind, the day beds in our glass-sided swimming pool are waiting to welcome you. With an outdoor hot tub to test out, you really can relax. The sleepy, surrounding area adds to the laid back vibe, with rural villages peppering the slopes of the Taygetus Mountains. On our count: one, two, three…and relax. 

waterskiing in Greece

Activities to do in Greece

You’ll find up to 15 inclusive activities on the menu in Greece, some on the water, others land-based.  Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we’ve got you covered. Rock up and have a go at something new or make the most of our free expert tuition to boost your skills and performance in your favourite sport.

Water sports – of course – feature highly at our Greece beachclubs. Windsurfing, dinghy sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing and wakeboarding are all inclusive activities, with kite surfing and scuba diving costing a little extra. If you’re a keen windsurfer, check out our windsurf clinics at Cosmos and Levante Beach from top windsurfing gurus Peter Hart and Sam Ross. They’re a special extra you won’t find anywhere else.  

Away from the water, you’ll find tennis, rock climbing, mountain biking, road cycling and a great choice of fitness classes covering flexibility, conditioning and cardio. Not to mention treating yourself to some time enjoying the spa and wellness facilities. Each of our beachclubs has a slightly different offering of sports and activities so if you have something specific in mind, check out where to go for your activity to avoid disappointment.  

woman reading book while sunbathing in pool

What's the weather like in Greece?

If you're looking to soak up some serious sunshine, then Greece is the place to be. Greece is well-loved for its typically Mediterranean climate and is sunny throughout the year. While the northern part of the country can be cold in the winter months, winter tends to be milder towards the south. 

Greece’s high summer is as hot as you’d expect a Mediterranean country to be, although summer can have some cloudy or rainy days, expect bright, bright sunlight to be the norm.

Temperatures are usually in the 30s, with the hottest days arriving in July and August. If the high summer temperatures aren’t for you, spring and autumn still see plenty of sunshine. The sea may feel a little fresh in spring, but we find it's still plenty warm enough with a rash vest on. 

Our beachclubs are ideally placed to harness Greece’s varying wind conditions. Beginners will be able to develop their skills in the steady breezes found at Vounaki Beachclub. If you’re more experienced on the water, conditions tend to pick up around midday at most locations allowing you to ease into any activity before the breeze picks up for the afternoon. 

Kalamata Greece


History buffs and culture vultures won't fail to be inspired by Greece. This is a country with a rich and varied history. Inquisitive minds will be inspired by the cultural influences of occupying civilisations including Classical Greece, the Roman and Byzantine Empire and many more in between.

Venture out and you’ll be rewarded with picture postcard views of olive groves and white, domed churches, pinpointed against the indigo sky and sea. But Greece's landscape holds may secrets and a day's exploring could see you discovering mythical sites, ruins and ancient temples from some of the oldest civilisations in Europe.

If you find yourself adapting to the local pace, don't worry. The days are long and everything slows down, allowing you to enjoy a Greek tradition - a long coffee and a chat with friends. Lazy lunches are also definitely on the menu.  

Greek food

Eating like a local

Greece produces some of the finest, freshest ingredients in the world, so where do you start? The familiar Greek classics are hot contenders, but tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber), melitzanosalata (aubergine) and taramasalata (fish roe) will only get you so far. Feta and olives are almost compulsory - the flavour knocks spots off the stuff you buy from the local supermarket back in the UK.

But to really get a taste for Greek cuisine you've got to try some of the region's signature dishes. Skip the moussaka and opt for pastitsio. A Greek take on lasagna, it’s a layered dish of pasta, ragu and Béchamel - ideal for refuelling and sampling a rustic classic you won’t find back home.

The charcoal grill is a mainstay of most tavernas. Grilled meat and fresh fish are simply cooked so that the freshness and flavour of the food shines through. Souvlaki and Gyros are fast food favourites from the grill.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be in heaven with the honey and sticky, sweet desserts. You can’t go wrong with traditional baklava made with layers of pastry, chopped pistachios and honey. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, tracking down some kourabiedes. A delicate almond shortbread with an added touch of brandy makes these simple looking biscuits worth finding. The local honey, infused with local wildflowers and herbs is also a real treat on thick Greek yoghurt.

olive groves in greece

What time is it in Greece?

London is approximately 2 hours behind Greece. Greece uses Eastern European Time (EET) in the winter months, and European Summer Time (EEST) in the summer.

If you're travelling in October, keep in mind that they also observe daylight savings time.

What does this mean for your travel plans? When you're travelling to our resort destinations, it's important to remember that you'll be losing a couple of hours along the way.

Greek beach

How long is the flight to Greece?

Luckily, travelling to Greece is quite simple. We have flights to Greece leaving from London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham or Bristol to our various destinations on the mainland and islands of Greece.

Flights last for around 4 hours depending on your departure and arrival point! Don't forget to factor in the time difference.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and let's get going.


Greek house with blue door

What currency does Greece use?

Like the rest of the European Union, the current currency in Greece is the Euro. The Euro replaced the local currency, the Drachma, in 2002. 

To make the most of your money, we recommend paying with a credit card wherever possible.

Even better? Neilson’s resorts run on a tab system, so any non-inclusive items are added to your bill which you're welcome to settle at any time during your holiday. 

If you're eating out, visiting little tavernas, shopping locally or taking part in excursions it would be handy to have some cash with you for tips and those places that only take cash for payment etc.

Greek travel info

Travel information for Greece

Language: Greek

Currency: Euros

Local time: GMT/BST+2

Flight time from UK: approx. 3-4 hours
Visa info: Visa is not required for UK passport holders.
Additional info: Before you travel visit for recommendations and advice for you holiday to Greece.

New for Summer 2022
View from one of the bars

Levante Beach Beachclub


From £899pp
the hotel and pool area

Buca Beachclub (adult only)


From £979pp
Early mornings on the beach

Messini Beachclub


From £769pp
Swimming pool with views over the bay

Cosmos Beachclub


From £619pp
The beach at Vounaki Beachclub

Vounaki Beachclub


From £809pp
View of the beachclub the water

Retreat Beachclub (Adult & Active Family)


From £729pp