If you can already sail, but don't have a piece of paper to prove your ability, then the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is just the ticket! If you're planning on sailing abroad or joining us on a Greek Ionian sailing holiday you'll need your ICC.

It's an internationally recognised qualification and something you may be asked to show when your overseas - a little bit like a driving license. It shows that you have the know-how to charter yachts or join a flotilla.

You can take the assessment with us for just £199 per person on your next sailing holiday departing from Vounaki Beach Club.

Please note, we are unable to present you with the ICC certificate as we can only carry out the assessment in resort. You will need to send the form to the RYA as they are the governing body in the UK and can issue the certificate. You are not qualified until you have the official ICC certificate on your person, so you will need another accepted qualification if you wish to go on flotilla with us immediately following your ICC assessment.

The lowdown

  • Essential for sailing in Greece
  • An International Driving Licence
  • Recognised RYA qualification
  • One day assessment
  • For experienced sailors
  • £199 per person for assessment
  • £47 per person for certificate (free for RYA members)
  • Available from Vounaki Beach Club