A great holiday is about lots of things. But the one thing guests always remember about it, even years later, is how it made them feel. Which is why, whenever we hire at Neilson, there is one non-negotiable. Whatever other talents you bring, bring good energy. Behind the front desk or in front of a spin class, we are there to ensure our guests get the most out of their Neilson holiday. We're here to create good energy.

When people try to articulate what makes the Neilson experience so unique, this is what they mean. It's a spirit of goodwill. A positivity vibe. A feeling that somehow, you're among friends, in a safe space to give it a go. Where the only judging done is on Karaoke night. Where everyone’s got your back, especially when you land on it. And, where if at first you don’t succeed, you can have a good laugh about it in the bar after.

Welcome to Neilson

Welcome to Good Energy