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1. Tell us why you are the person we're looking for. Someone who bounces out of bed, with an all-you-can-do mentality? We're after the doers, get up and give it a go-ers. Share with us why you, more than anyone else are right for this role.

2. Prepare your application - a written entry with a supporting video and/or photos – telling us who you are, why you feel you are right for the role, what makes you the perfect active lifestyle ambassador and how you would inspire other people to #GetYourActiveOn.

3. Complete your application form, including your personal information and all your application content.

4. Share, share, share your application on social media using #GetYourActiveOn and tagging @NeilsonHolidays.

5. Rally the troops and encourage everyone to vote for you! Neilson, with the help of those in the know, have put together this toolkit to help you promote your application and gain votes.



This is your opportunity to sell yourself, tell everyone how you live your best active life and share your ideas for getting other people active!

Together with your short-written entry, we want to see how you #GetYourActiveOn and why you’d be a brilliant Active Ambassador for Neilson. Create a video or create a gallery of images, using any existing footage you have or something new, showing how you embrace an active lifestyle and how you’d encourage others to do the same (there are some tips for creating an engaging video below).

Video & Photography
A good quality image and video can easily be created on a phone, if you have extras great, but the basics will enable you to capture your message – it just takes some creative thought.



The active world is your oyster when it comes to your pitch but here are some ideas for creating an inspirational and fun application:

#GetYourActiveOn in the office
Give everyone your tips on getting active in the office – maybe you lunge to the printer, have 5-minute workout breaks, hold yoga sessions for your colleagues or host a lunch hour running club.

Mum/Dad active hacks with a baby or toddler
It’s definitely a juggling act when it comes to finding time to #GetYourActiveOn with little ones in tow but maybe you’ve found some winning ways of keeping active as a parent, whether it’s buggy jogging, junior park runs with the kids or power walking through the daily school run. Share your ideas!

Active inspiration
Do you inspire others to live their best active life and encourage participation in an active lifestyle? Perhaps you coach a youth sports team, coordinate your local park run, work with schools to encourage kids to be active or host free fitness sessions in the community?

Supermarket salsa or family dance-offs?
Maybe you pack activity into your day in a fun or unusual way?

Active challenges
We’ve seen the ice bucket, mannequin, bottle-flipping. Do you have an idea for the next social media trend with an active twist?

Host an event with the ‘oomph factor’
Prove your Oomph Factor by holding an active event. Perhaps a fun run/walk in aid of a local charity or create attention with a stunt-based activity – for example, a ‘Spring has sprung’ baby power walk in the park - a buggy/baby carrier friendly walk that brings local families together and inspires others to get up and active.



Here are a few tips on how to promote your application, generate awareness and encourage people to vote for you!


Social Media

Rally the troops! Tell everyone about the role, share your application and your entry video/photos far and wide.

Show everyone how you #GetYourActiveOn via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and why you think you’d be a great Active Ambassador.

Share the link to the voting page so your friends, family, followers, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else can place their vote for you.

Use stories and regular posts to keep reminding people to place their votes!

Don’t forget to use #GetYourActiveOn and tag @NeilsonHolidays in each post.


Got a compelling story to share off the back of your campaign? An event to promote that you think local media would be interested in? Take these steps to approach your local newspapers to give your application a public boost;

Write to your local media and let them know what you're up to.

Find out what your local newspapers are and who is best to email – ie a news or features journalist. If you can’t find online pick up the phone and say you are looking to send in a story – be prepared to sell it in on the spot!

Include your press release or summary in the body of your email and write a friendly note to introduce yourself.

Follow up after a few days if you haven’t heard back and be ready to pitch on the phone.


If you have an idea for getting the nation active, harness local/regional support to grow awareness of your campaign and application;

Find local/national campaign groups with a focus on getting people active and share your idea. They could help you get it off the ground and promote your story to their members/followers.

Petition for change. If you have a cause you feel passionate about that relates to getting people active, utilise sites such as to create a poll and gain supporters.

Create a FB group or tag onto an existing one (being sure to approach the admin first).

Know any influencers in the community? Ask them to share your #GetYourActiveOn story with their followers to increase awareness.

Celebrities – ask if they can support via their social channels or provide a quote for you to support your campaign.




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