Activity Levels

Use the table below to determine your activity level for our Beachclub activities.

LevelDinghy SailingWindsurfingWaterskiing & WakeboardingRoad bikingMountain bikingTennis
Beginner (Green)Never sailed before, or had a small amount of experience such as a taster session or a few lessons many years ago. Ability doesn't meet the requirements of improver sailor.Never windsurfed before, or participated in a basic taster sessions, Ability doesn’t meet improver ability.Never attempted waterskiing or wakeboarding before, or attempted previously but never got out of the water.Never Cycled or Road Cycled before. Any previous experience is limited and assistance is required with gear changed and riding technique.Never Cycled or Mountain biked before. Little to no off road experience. Low to moderate fitness level and requires assistance or training in the operation of the bike.This is our beginner group aimed at those who are new to tennis. Focus on developing key skills such as forehand, backhand, volley and serve.
Improver (Blue)Attended a start sailing course previously, Confident sailing across the wind, upwind and downwind. Tacking and gybing.Attended a start windsurfing course previously, Confident sailing across the wind, able to perform a static turn, beginning to make some progress upwind. Able to self rescue.Able to get up on either waterskis or a wakeboard, some directional control.Road Cycles at home or has previous experience from similar trips abroad. Can operate the bike without assistance and has a moderate to good level of fitness.Mountain bikes occasionally at home or has previous experience from similar trips abroad. Understands the working of gears and brakes, basic level of understanding with technique on various surfaces and gradients.For players that have some technical development of all the core skills with knowledge of playing & scoring a game. Looking to progress and develop more power and accuracy.
Intermediate (Red)Previously attended a level 2 course. Confident sailing in all directions. able to perform basic manoeuvres including launching and landing.Confident sailing in all directions, able to perform a basic tack and gybe, able to return to the shore without assistance. Starting to look at more advanced windsurfing technquesAble to cross the wake in both directions, beginning to look at jumping. MONOSKIER - able to get up on a monoski some directional control.Road Cycles regularly and is confident on challenging routes with variations in gradient, road surface and distance. Able to identify problems with their equipment. Confident riding as part of a large group.Mountain bikes regularly at home and is confident on challenging routes with variations in gradient and ground surface. Moderate to high level fitness level. Doesn't require training on the operation of gears & Brakes.For players who can comfortably hold a rally & change the tempo & pace of the game. Starting to focus on tactical placement of the ball through spin, depth, power & accuracy.
Advanced (Black)Very competent sailor, able to sail in all directions in different boats, some knowledge of racing and more advanced skills. Interested in learning more advanced sailing or participate in competitive racing.Competent windsurfer, confident using a windsurf harness, able to plane across the wind, looking at getting into the footstraps or attempting more advanced tacks and gybes.Jumping in both directions, looking at wake to wakes and rotations. MONOSKIER - increasing speed and performing faster more aggressive turns.An Experienced Road Cyclist in the UK with extensive experience of variations in gradient and road surface. Used to longer rides and confident riding in pairs in a large group.An Experienced mountain biker who cycles frequently at home. Extensive experience of variations in terrain and ride distance, with experience in dry and wet conditions. Happy riding as part of a large group and riding close to other cyclists in technial sections.For advanced players with good consistancy & variety of their play. Focus on tactical progression, understanding opponents weaknesses and introducing mental gameplay into their tennis.