Football didn’t quite come home to England in 2018. Tennis though can be counted on to return to one of its British birthplaces every summer, as the world’s best players slide gracefully into London SW19 for “the Championships, Wimbledon” as the world’s oldest tennis tournament is correctly known.

To most of us, it’s plain Wimbledon, a summer ritual that might mean enjoying strawberries and cream in front of the television or being inspired to put down the remote to pick up a racquet. Either way its on- and off-court rituals are a familiar fixture at the peak of world sport.

To players, it is part of the Grand Slam, just one of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments – “the Majors”. These being the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. They were established at the top of the international tennis tree in the 1920s.