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Latest travel update

British Airways disruption - Sunday flights

We are receiving reports that there is still a lot of disruption at Heathrow airport this morning following the BA system failure yesterday.


We have now been informed that due to overcrowding at Heathrow T5, passengers will not be allowed in to the terminal until 90mins before their flights. 


You are still advised to allow plenty of additional time at the airport but do expect long queues and to be held out of the terminal until BA are ready to check your flight in.


Important information for passengers on flight BA9228 to Lemnos

It has been confirmed to us that passengers on the rescheduled BA9228 to Lemnos, will be required to check in again to receive new boarding passes.

We are told that the queues are smallest at B15/16 as these are for hand luggage only and you don’t have bags.
The ground team are aware sending bags on to Lemnos is very difficult and have a team working hard to identify all bags and get them loaded in the boot.
A number of you indicated that you wouldn’t wish to travel without your bags and if any are missing we are hoping that this information will be available at the gate.
In the meantime it might be sensible to spend anytime you have airside at T5 picking up some essentials should bags become a problem. But rest assured BA top brass are aware how much of an issue this will be for not just you but them and are all over it!

We will continue to update this page if we receive any further information from BA.


Last updated 28.05.2017 12:02

British Airways flight BA9228 to Lemnos

We have just been informed that flight BA9228 from London Heathrow to Lemnos is now scheduled to depart tomorrow the 28th May at 13:45 hrs. Baggage that has been checked-in today will travel on the delayed flight.

We are doing our best to contact all affected customers. Your documents and travel details for todays flights are all you will need at check-in.

Prepare for it to be pretty busy as they still have a lot of flights to catch up with - so dont leave it till the last minute to approach check-ins.


All customers scheduled to travel tomorrow to Preveza and Kalamata are still advised to travel to the airport as normal. Both flights maybe subject to some disruption.


If you have read this message and were due to travel today - please let us know by pinging a note with your name and ref number to and we wont wake you in the night with a call


Last updated 27.05.2017 22:09


British Airways disruption

Following a systems failure earlier today BA have been forced to cancel ALL flights from both Gatwick and Heathrow. The impact is huge and there are reports of thousands of customers affected around the world.
We apologise for the disruption this is causing on a busy holiday weekend and are doing all we can to get updates from BA.  

Here’s what we do know, for Neilson we have a number of flights affected:
OLBIA (OLB) – the plane departed LHR this morning 2 hours late but homebound guests are currently stuck in Sardinia as flight crew went ‘out of hours’. Arrangements are being made to take them to overnight accommodation and we will be able to update travel plans tomorrow when we have them.
LEMNOS (LXS) – this flight was due to leave early this afternoon, this flight is now cancelled and passengers are being advised to leave the terminal without claiming luggage. We are being advised that all luggage has been checked on to the BA system with the intention it will fly on a rescheduled flight.

We have NOT been given a rescheduled time for this flight but have been told is a high priority for them so suggest you watch this Travel Update page for further information.   Please email a mobile number along with your reference number so we can contact you - to as soon as you can. We hope that this flight will be rescheduled tomorrow afternoon and those that wish to can continue with their holiday plans.
PREVEZA (PVK) – KALAMATA (KLX) – both these flights are due to depart tomorrow and the advice at the moment is to travel as normal but be prepared for busy airport terminals and some disruption. Please allow plenty of time at the airport and continue to watch this page for updates. Please email us a mobile contact number with your reference number to so we can inform you if there are any last minute changes BUT TRAVEL AS NORMAL for now.

Guests already in resorts will be updated by our resort teams.
Once again apologies for this mess – it appears to be a massive problem for BA and we are caught up in it.  We have been in contact with BA and rest assured all are working as hard and fast as they can to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Last updated 27.05.2017 21:13

Travelling by car to Stansted airport

Due to ongoing roadworks, the M11 is restricted to one lane around the exit to Stansted airport, J8.


Both northbound and southbound are affected with delays of around 45 minutes. We advise any customers travelling to Stansted airport to allow additional time for their journey and to check the highways agency website for the most up to date information.


Last updated 25.05.2017

British Airways Update:

British Airways have recently changed their charter flight numbers, removing the letter C.


Whilst they carry out these changes your flight number may be displayed on the British Airways website as both cancelled and operating. Please be aware all flights are operating as scheduled and you should travel to the airport as normal.


Last updated 25.05.2017

Your safety and security


Here at Neilson, we aim to make sure that we give you the very best activity holiday we can. At the same time, we take the safety and security of our guests and staff very seriously.


We are proud of our safety record, which is, in no small part, due to the practices and processes that we and our independent auditors use to evaluate and monitor the various elements of your holiday, that are directly under our control.


The assessment of external risks, including the threat of terrorism, is more difficult and more subjective and in these areas we rely on the UK government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for their official ‘Travel Advice’ to the areas in which we operate.


We recommend that you check this advice before you book and monitor it before you travel, to ensure you are fully aware of the advice being offered to travellers.


Go to the FCO website for travel advice.


We regularly monitor the FCO website and if at any point they were to advise against travel to a particular country or area within a country where we operate, you would of course be able to cancel your holiday. We will always do our best to find you a suitable alternative but if we can’t do so, we will refund your monies in full.