Introducing Neilson Nippa Beach Club. Flights included. Grown-ups aren't!

Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime because this April, we're unveiling a brand new destination just for kids – Neilson Nippa Beach Club! This isn't your average beach getaway. Nope, here at Neilson Nippa, we've got a little secret – it's a Beach Club where the flights are included, but guess what? Grown-ups are not! Sorry, mum and dad, this one's just for the kids!

kid on sup

Picture this: a magical place where kids rule the roost, from the top-notch activities to the scrumptious snacks. From running the show as activity managers to whipping up culinary delights as head chef (shoutout to our culinary prodigy, 9-year-old April Wool!), the management and running of Neilson Nippa Beach Club will be entirely handed over to kids - because who knows more what kids want, than kids themselves! 

Slide into endless fun with zip lines and water challenges, or dive into a world of creativity with arts and crafts galore. And when the sun sets, there's no need to hit the hay – our bunk bedrooms are open all night long, with no bedtime blues in sight! 



"It’s time we [kids] stood up for ourselves, forget bedtime routines and adults stopping all the fun.. we're finally taking charge.  

Ahead of the opening of the Nippa Beach Club, we have already seen an influx of kids across the UK contacting us to be the first to visit – from mini solo travellers, or kids looking for a fun sportcation they all want to try out our ultimate summer holiday experience.” Shiloh, Nippa Beach Club Manager

But wait, there's more! Prepare for epic showdowns with games like capture the flag and dodgeball, or cool off with slip and slides and water balloon battles. Plus, get ready to showcase your talents in talent shows and even star in your very own blockbuster movies! 


fred on bike

"Shiloh has everything covered and I have every faith she and the mini team will run the Neilson Nippa Beach Club with ease. 

After many months of planning and sharing my expertise, I’m really excited to hear feedback from our round of first guests – sweets for breakfast, what could be better!?” Fred Sirieix, Neilson Good Energy Officer


So what are you waiting for? Grab your shades, pack your bags, and join us at Neilson Nippa Beach Club when we open on 15 June for a holiday like no other. It's time to make memories, make friends, and make every moment count! 

Sign up now and let the adventure begin!