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International certificate of competence (ICC) assessment

If you can already sail, but don't have a piece of paper to prove your ability, then the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is just the ticket! If you're planning on sailing abroad or joining us on a Greek Ionian sailing holiday you'll need your ICC.


It's an internationally recognised qualification and something you may be asked to show when your overseas - a little bit like a driving license. It shows that you have the know-how to charter yachts, sail bareboat or join a flotilla.


You can take the assessment with us for just £50 per person on your next sailing holiday departing from Vounaki Beachclub.

At a glance...
  • Essential for sailing in Greece
  • A 'driving licence' for the sea!
  • Recognised RYA qualification
  • One day assessment
  • For experienced sailors
  • £50 per person for assessment
  • £40 per person for certificate (free for RYA members)
  • Available from Vounaki Beachclub

ICC on flotilla

Do you have crew members without an ICC? If so, and they are looking to qualify their sailing skills this can be done of the final day of your flotilla holiday. You’ll need to head back to base a day early with your yacht and crew, then on the final day of your holiday an instructor will jump on-board and take you through the assessment. It’s all quite straightforward and all being well, you’ll be able to send off for your certificate on return to the UK.

ICC on a stay and sail holiday

Are you planning a stay and sail holiday? We’ll need to know you can sail before handing over the keys to the yacht, so at least one member of your party will need to show us they have a relevant qualification or at least two of the crew should be planning on taking the introduction to yachting course prior to departing on flotilla.


If you can already sail, but don’t have the piece of paper to prove it, then you can book to do the ICC assessment during the shore-based week of your stay and sail holiday to Vounaki Beachclub. That way you’ll have everything you need before setting sail.

How to book

You’ll need to pre-book your ICC assessment prior to departure, priced at £50 per person plus £40 for the certificate (which is issued by the RYA). If you’re a member of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) there is no charge for the certificate.

You’ll need to call us to book the assessment onto your holiday, the number to call is 0333 014 3351