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Neilson Mountain Collection hotels

Our range of Mountain Collection hotels and chalet hotels are exclusive to Neilson guests. Enjoy your holiday with like minded individuals in convenient locations with great food and expert service both on and off the mountain.


Each Mountain Collection holiday has free ski guiding and coaching sessions provided by fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors. We call them our Mountain Experts




Mountain Collection hotels       Mountain Collection chalet hotels  



Mountain Collection hotels

We're proud to introduce two new hotels the family (see below) and now, all of our hotels are moving to half board.


Our hotels include...
  • Return flights & transfers
  • Free ski guiding & coaching
  • Breakfast & afternoon tea every day*
  • Home-cooked evening meals
  • Wine with dinner in chalet hotels
  • Free Wi-Fi to stay connected 
  • Services of your Neilson hosts


Mountain Collection chalet hotels...

Our chalet hotels guests still get a night free to explore their resort, but now each evening meal includes wine.