Here's a taster of some of the cocktails popular with guests and staff alike over at the Hotel Del Clos in Andorra right now.Perfect as a little winter warmer after a day on the slopes while on holiday or a little treat back here in the UK.

Hot Apple Cider with Vodka

A lovely winter warmer with the warm and cosy flavours and aromas of cinnamon and ginger.

Ingredients 330ml of apple cider 40ml vodka 50ml lemon juice 1cm piece of ginger 1 cinnamon stick 15g (about 3 teaspoons) of honey

Mix it up

Warm all of the ingredients together in a pan until the liquids reach boiling temperature and stir to combine. Allow to cool slightly, remove cinnamon stick and ginger and carefully pour or ladle into a tall glass. Garnish with slices of lemon and the cinnamon sticks from cooking.

Maple and Spiced Rum

Our take on the Maple Old Fashioned, rather than serving over ice, we warm things up.


60ml of spiced rum 2 tablespoons maple syrup 40ml lemon juice 1 cinnamon stick 15g (about 3 teaspoons) of honey

Mix it up

Mis the rum, syrup, lemon juice and cinnamon stick together with 150ml of freshly boiled water and stir.With maple syrup a little goes a long way, so start with less and add more to taste. Enjoy!

Maple spiced rum