Whether you’re perfecting your swing on the courts, having a go at rock climbing for the very first time, or treating yourself to a relaxing treatment in the spa, it’s our team of trainers, watersport ninjas, and all round good-natured activity experts who’ll be there to share the memorable moments with you. Because, while many things can make a good holiday, only people can create good energy.

We’ll let you into a little industry secret. With most holiday companies you are staying in a hotel run by someone else’s team. We don’t do that. Most of the resort teams are employed directly by us, returning year after year. And where we work with partners, we make sure they totally get the Neilson way and have orange blood too! So, the benefit to you is a better, more consistent experience. Like our teams, it’s the reason so many of our customers come back each year. We deliver your holiday. Guaranteed 100% Neilson.

The lowdown

  • Experts in what they do
  • Our secret sauce
  • Warm and enthusiastic
  • Hand-picked
  • Bursting with good energy