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Mountain biking and road cycling

Take a break from the everyday and hit the trails (or the roads) in the warmth and sunshine of our beachclubs in Sardinia, Croatia and Greece.

At a glance...
  • Inclusive mountain biking in all beachclubs
  • Inclusive road cycling in six beachclubs
  • Ride in Sardinia, Croatia and Greece
  • Inclusive expert bike guiding
  • Three levels of ride for all abilities
  • Quality bikes from TREK
  • Option to pre-book a premium bike
  • Rent a Garmin GPS
  • Frog bikes for three to six year olds in Messini Beachclub
  • Frog bikes for children aged four to fourteen at Baia dei Mori Beachclub

Get in the saddle to discover winding hillside roads, shady olive groves and rocky pine forests. There is a wide variety of rides for different skill and fitness levels, whether it's a gentle ride to the best coffee shop around or testing climbs, there's something for you.

The best bit is that all rides are fully guided. Just turn up and ride. There's no need to worry about where to go next, just focus on the riding, soaking up the scenery as you pass through.


Mountain biking

Mountain biking with expert guiding is an inclusive activity in all of our beachclubs. You can’t fail to notice the endless possibilities for riding in the surrounding countryside, the potential is huge with endless rolling trails and exciting descents.  There are usually at least two guided rides per day, it’s a great way to explore, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and ride.


Our TREK mountain bikes have been specially selected for the terrain we love to ride. With a wide range of gears, comfortable front suspension and a range of frame sizes from 15.5” to 21”, we’ll ensure you’re well equipped for the trails and our experts keep each bike running smoothly.


Road cycling

It’s not all about mountain biking, with warm weather, specially selected routes and some great hills, seven of our beachclubs are heaven for roadies. Head to Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Vounaki, Cosmos, Messini or Buca Beachclub where road cycling with exert guiding is an inclusive activity; you’ll soon be eating up the road and clocking up the miles. 


Our TREK road bikes are a key part of the experience, in a range of sizes from 47cm to 60cm, with lightweight frames, reliable components and all the gears you need to take on the road.


Our bike guides

Our bike guides have done most of the hard work for you and have mapped out a great variety of rides. They’ll take the time to make sure you’re happy and comfortable on the bikes, with guidance on all parts of the ride if you need it.

No doubt, you’ll want to get out riding straight away, so sign up for your first ride with the bike guides on the first morning of your holiday. After you have completed your first ride, more can be booked with the bike guides.


'Leisure' rides

Available in all beachclubs, our mountain bike 'leisure' rides are just as they sound. Ride to nearby beaches, local towns and villages. Between 5-25km with little or no off-road terrain and the odd small hill to climb, they’ll get the blood pumping (but just a little bit).


On the road bikes, 'leisure' rides of between 5-40km are just enough to stretch your legs or as a taster session for newbies. If it’s your first time on a road bike, top road riding tips from the guides will get you started. You’ll find ‘leisure’ rides in all six of our beachclubs where we include road cycling (Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Vounaki, Cosmos, Messini and Buca).


'Sport' rides

If real off-road mountain biking is for you, with challenging climbs and bumpy descents, sign up for the 'sport' rides. You’ll be exploring the local wilderness rather than coffee shops. Mountain biking is a great way to travel and see more of your holiday destination,  'sport' rides are available in all beachclubs.


If you're ready for an endurance challenge and the buzz of the road, join our road cycling ‘sport’ rides and get some serious miles under your belt. Sport rides on the road bikes are available in Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Vounaki, Cosmos, Messini and Buca Beachclubs with the bike guides there to help you with the best techniques for smooth and speedy road riding.


'Expert' rides

This level of ride is exclusive to Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Messini and Buca Beachclubs. There’s more bike guides, a greater variety of routes and a greater number of rides. Even better, it’s all included in the price.


Mountain bikers think longer, steeper, more challenging and more technical – you get the picture! Rides will really make the most of the terrain and the skills of our guides. 


Road rides are perfect for enthusiastic roadies looking to soak up some sunny miles. Riding as a group, you’ll discover just how far you can push yourself with the right equipment and the specialist support of our road bike guides.


Family cycling

The cycling in Sardinia is simply superb. Bring your family along to discover some of the routes that criss-cross this beautiful island. At Baia dei Mori Beachclub there's a great selection of bikes and rides suitable for children over 13 years; there's also a great range of Frog bikes for children aged four to fourteen years. 

Children in school year nine and above (Wave Riders and TAG) are able to join guided bike rides or go free riding but must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. They must be able to ride a bike safely and children may be asked to join easier guided rides (with parent or guardian) before attempting more challenging rides.

Exclusive to Messini and Baia dei Mori Beachclubs we have a selection of Frog bikes. Lightweight and designed especially for children, young cyclists will love them. At all other beachclubs our smallest TREK bikes usually have 15" frames and we don't have bikes or rides suitable for children younger than 13 years.


Free riding

Want to do your own thing? Then our bikes are free to use during the day whenever they are not being used for guided rides. Buddy up with a friend and get a bit of background info from the bike guides including recommendations on where to go.

If map reading is not your thing, rent a Garmin GPS, pre-loaded with our favourite routes, so you can hit the trails straight away.


Our bikes

Our TREK mountain bikes come with a wide range of gears, comfortable front suspension and frame sizes from 15.5” to 21”. TREK road bikes (47cm to 60cm) have lightweight frames, reliable components and all the gears you need to take on the road. 

If you plan on spending most of your time riding check out our premium full-suspension mountain bikes or carbon fibre road bikes. Pre-book for just £95 per person and it’s yours for the week. These bikes also come with a Garmin GPS, pre-loaded with all our favourite routes. 

For children we have Frog bikes at Messini Beachclub (ages three to six) and Baia dei Mori Beachclub (ages four to fourteen).

If you've got cycling shoes with cleats and are planning on bringing them with you, we also advise you bring your own pedals. That way, they are guaranteed to fit.

Best beachclubs for riding

If your life revolves around cycling, you need to pay a visit to Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Messini or Buca Beachclubs. Baia dei Mori Beachclub in particular is shaping up to be the best of the best, with some fantastic on and off road riding.

Best beachclubs for riding

If your life revolves around cycling, you need to pay a visit to Baia dei Mori, Retreat, Messini or Buca Beachclubs. Baia dei Mori Beachclub in particular is shaping up to be the best of the best, with some fantastic on and off road riding.

For some great mountain biking and road cycling we recommend...

Baia dei Mori Beachclub

Baia dei Mori Beachclub

Budoni , Sardinia

From £609pp
Retreat Beachclub

Retreat Beachclub

Sivota , Greece

From £529pp
€50 bar and spa credit per adult
per week for September holidays
Messini Beachclub

Messini Beachclub

Analipsi , Greece

From £629pp
Adult only and premium experience
Buca Beachclub

Buca Beachclub (adult only)

Analipsi , Greece

From £939pp