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Fitness & Yoga holidays

Fitness and yoga holidays are the ideal way to kick start a new fitness regime, throw yourself in at the deep-end or if you already enjoy a fitness and yoga programme, to really make some progress.

We all deserve a break from the everyday and a fitness or yoga holiday will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the world.  Whether you choose to sweat it out and push your body to the max or take it down a level with some relaxation and conditioning classes, you'll end the holiday feeling great.

Our instructors hold professional qualifications and are there to ensure you enjoy the workout or help yo to achieve more than you thought possible. Whether you join us in Croatia, Greece, Spain or Sardinia, there are free daily yoga and fitness classes at all of our beachclubs. 


At a glance...
  • Bootcamp & circuits
  • Zumba & Aqua-fit
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Stretch & relax
  • Group walks & running
  • Air conditioned gyms
  • Qualified instructors
  • Suitable for everyone
  • No need to sign up, just join in

Our outdoor fitness spaces mean you can enjoy fitness and yoga in the great outdoors, with the sea, beach and mountains as a backdrop rather than the four walls of a studio. What's more, our nutritional and tasty club board meals will keep your body balanced and ready for a day of activity, relaxation or exploring.

A trained athlete or new to the game, our classes cater for all abilities on your fitness holiday. Inclusive fitness classes range from low-impact choices like yoga and Pilates-based classes and aqua-fit to energetic sessions to get your heart pumping like circuits, Zumba and Tabata. Or you can go it alone in our air-conditioned gyms, book a session with an expert personal trainer or join one of our friendly walking and running groups.

Travelling solo is becoming an increasingly popular way to treat yourself to some serious me-time. Fitness holidays for singles allow you to zone in on your personal goals, go at your own pace and perhaps make some new friends as you cheer each other on. That said, for some, you can' beat couples or family fitness holidays and the shared experiences they bring. It's completely up to you.

Fitness class

Where to go on a fitness and yoga holiday

With all of our Neilson Beachclubs offering fitness and yoga as an inclusive activity, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of location. How does a fitness and yoga holiday in Sardinia sound? The Italian island is famed for its golden sandy beaches and fusion cuisine. Yoga and fitness holidays in the Med give you plenty of chance to explore and fit in some cultural highlights between activities. Plus, the Mediterranean cuisine means you can stay healthy during your holiday - though we won’t tell if you enjoy a pizza or two!

With our range of beachclubs in Greece, you can really tailor your fitness and yoga break to the entire family. Island life or the mainland? Whichever you choose, our qualified instructors will be there to push you or offer gentle encouragement. For a break that’s slightly off the beaten track, Croatia is ideal if other family members are looking for a holiday with a difference.

Our fitness team

Our fitness team

Our trainers run a superb range of fitness classes in the great outdoors to kick-start your fitness or maintain existing fitness at its peak.

As you would expect, our qualified instructors hold professional qualifications and are there to gently encourage or push you to the max. Super friendly, they're there to help you enjoy the workout, so if you have any questions, just ask!

Our fitness instructors also arrange a run club, guided on day one, so you can familiarise yourself with the local area and match up with other runners of similar speeds and abilities to create your run club for the week, plus most of our beachclubs have small air-conditioned gyms.


Cardio based fitness classes

Your trainers and a sweat towel are your perfect partners for these sessions. Designed to increase your heart rate and improve aerobic fitness.

Circuits - A full body workout using all of the muscle groups with fun, interactive stations.

Boxercise - Put your gloves on and get ready for action. Boxercise combines basic boxing techniques with a choreographed routine, pad and glove work.

Zumba - A brilliant fitness dance workout, adding fun to your aerobic workout, easy to follow with catchy tunes to keep you smiling


Power based fitness classes

Maximum calories in minimum time. These quick, effective interval training sessions will energise you for the day, or simply help you get a great workout in a short time.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is a technique used to create a 100% all-out effort workout through quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.

Tabata - A specific form of HIIT consisting of eight rounds of ultra-high intensity exercises in a specific 20 second on, 10 seconds off interval.

conditioning fitness

Conditioning based fitness classes

Designed to increase muscle tone, strength, endurance and core strength through low impact exercises. These sessions take place in our gym facilities, except Cosmos and Baia dei Mori where we will offer similar sessions using bodyweight equipment on the fitness deck.

Leg day - The focus is on strengthening your lower body with our instructor showing you around our gym equipment.

Core day - Let our instructors lead you in the best core and ab workouts in the gym.

Upper body - A full range of upper body strengthening within the gym, working our chest, back, arms and shoulders.


Yoga and flexibility fitness classes

Our fitness team can push you, to not only improve your flexibility but body awareness and strength too. Yoga is a great way to wake up your body, you’ll go through a mixture of stretches along with balance, strengthening and relaxation exercises, leaving you invigorated and ready to start the day.

Yoga - Prepare your mind and body for the day ahead with a mixture of stretch, balance, strengthening and relaxation. Different types of yoga-based exercises will be introduced with plenty of options and alternatives for all abilities.

Pilates - Our Pilates-based classes are an invigorating form of mind-body exercise, targeting muscles to support good posture and strengthen the core and back.

Stretch and relax - A relaxing evening class to stretch out those aching muscles in preparation for your next activity.

Personal training

Personal training

Scheduled exercise keeps you on track! Enjoy a focused, efficient way of working out with personal one-to-one training.

Our focus is your focus, from flexibility to endurance to explosive power, our trainers can push you and your body to the limits.

Personal training can be booked for a small supplement and is subject to availability.

Get your fitness fix at these beachclubs...

S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
one of the three pools.

Mar Menor Beachclub

Los Urrutias , Spain

From £685pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
the beach

Baia dei Mori Beachclub

Budoni , Sardinia

From £699pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
The beach at Vounaki Beachclub

Vounaki Beachclub

Paleros , Greece

From £779pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
Early mornings on the beach

Messini Beachclub

Analipsi , Greece

From £735pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
the hotel and pool area

Buca Beachclub (adult only)

Analipsi , Greece

From £835pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
swimming pool with double loungers

Aeolian Village Beachclub

Lesvos , Greece

From £685pp
S2021 Earlybird Exclusive
Choose your favourite room, reserve activities and more...
Swimming pool with views over the bay

Cosmos Beachclub

Vassiliki , Greece

From £605pp