Wakeboarding is possibly one of the coolest watersports around, once you’ve had a go, you’ll be coming back for more. For the wakeboarding beginner, you’re basically towed behind a ski boat on a board that’s bigger than a skateboard, smaller than a surfboard and a bit wider than a snowboard. Once comfortable being towed behind the boat, you edge the board out to the side of the boat and cut back across the ‘wake’ to the other side.

We talked to Ellie, who first learnt to wakeboard (age 12) on her annual Neilson summer holiday. She explains that how after learning to water ski she was up for a new challenge. She liked the idea of wakeboarding and decided to give it a go for the first time in the warm, flat water of the Ionian Sea in Greece at the Retreat Beachclub in Sivota. Here, she shares some of her top tips on how to wakeboard.