Once you’ve made it past the initial stages of windsurfing and got to grips with some key skills, windsurfing opens up to you with lots of fun and some good challenges along the way.

At intermediate level you make the leap from sailing along to fully blasting with some big ticket skills and manoeuvres to conquer like harness, footstraps, and waterstarts. It’s often been said that the main difference between an intermediate and an advanced windsurfer is that advanced windsurfers do a lot more standing around on the beach, either tweaking equipment or resting hands on harnessbars and chatting about wind.At least half of this activity is some of the most productive time you can spend in your session. You’ll have heard the adage that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and at intermediate level and beyond setting up your kit well will make all the difference to your progression.

To help you on your next windsurfing holiday here are a few tops tips on how spending just five minutes before you launch might make a huge difference to your nexts session on the water.