When we were thinking of the perfect ambassador to join our team we needed someone who embodies our “Good energy” mantra and it was Fred’s upbeat personality and keen interest in travel and exercise which caught our eye, so we are delighted that Fred agreed to join us in August 2023 as our Good Energy Officer (GEO).

In his new role as GEO, Fred will be visiting Neilson Beach Clubs over the next year, to spread Good energy by greeting guests, cheering them on as they get stuck into all things active, as well as hosting a series of events for us.

Fred SUP

Fred’s love and enthusiasm for keeping in shape is no secret, and so we asked the French fitness buff to share his top fitness tips about how you can manifest Good energy in between your Neilson Beach Club Holidays. Fred’s 5 tips are listed below:

  1. Go into every day with kind and positive words - Fred calls his family and friends daily to check in and spread kind words. 
  2. Always challenge yourself - Fred always commits to doing 301 press ups each morning! Fred’s top tip is to listen to your heartbeat while doing push-ups or sit-ups to keep them as slow as possible, and get in sync with your body.
  3. Don’t be scared of contact sports like boxing to keep a healthy competitive nature - Fred often squeezes in boxing sessions with his son in between filming and work commitments. 
  4. Maintain a healthy balanced diet - Fred sticks to a diverse intake with lots of different foods although “French food is the best food!”.
  5. Keep your mind in tune by reading the news or meditating for 20 minutes each day - Fred enjoys indulging physical newspapers with his coffee without fail each day, or meditating when he makes time.

Fred kicked off his new role with us on a recent visit to our Messini and Buca Beach Clubs in Greece, and you can watch his Instagram reel here.



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