Lockdown can be a real dampener on any summer plans from holidays being cancelled to not being able to walk to the pub with friends on a Sunday. Everyone has been affected in some way. However, even with some exercise being limited, lockdown can still be a great opportunity to get your active on.

I believe we need to try and find the silver lining with everything that’s going on with this terrible pandemic. I’m trying to keep active and improve and learn skills while making the most of this time. I want to inspire you to do the same. This proactive mentality has meant that isolation has flown past, I’ve learnt a range of new skills, educated myself further on leading a healthy lifestyle and learnt a lot about myself.

Learning a new skill often leads to rapid progression and hence a sense of achievement. I like that! I’ve been learning how to skip and how to handstand.Both of these can be done in or out of the house depending on weather, require minimal or no equipment and are great skills to practice with friends or family. On top of these skills being good fun they’re both great at improving your balance, core strength and coordination.

I have also been wakeboarding at my local wake park as these have recently opened up with social distancing. It is the next best alternative while I wait to see if I can return to Greece to instruct there with Neilson. Alongside fitness, I’ve been using apps and YouTube to try to improve my Italian, culinary skills and even how to cut hair.

If you are struggling for activities to do, please send me a message on Instagram @archiecomparelli and I’ll do my best to give inspiration and motivate you to make the most of your situation. I look forward to hearing your suggestions on how you’ve made the most out of lockdown, what advice you have for everyone else and most importantly how you #getyouractiveon