We all know how an active lifestyle helps us all feel happier and more relaxed. And right about now (if things were different), we’d be throwing open the doors to our beachclubs and welcoming you all to sail, cycle, climb, play, ski, paddle and play to your heart’s content in active playgrounds across the Med.

Whilst we have to put our travels on hold for the time being, we’ve been chatting about how we can all enjoy a taste of beachclub life, at home. Explore some of ideas below, grab your virtual activity planner and join the Neilson team to #GetYourActiveOn wherever you are.



Live fitness classes with Stride

Stride is a fitness platform that connects you with online coaches, instructors and teachers to help youachieve your fitness goals, wherever you are.

group of people doing yoga by the sea

Yoga benefits and beginners' tips

Have you always wanted to give yoga a go? Now is the perfect time to try yoga. It'ssuper easy to get started and just about everyone can benefit from a little zenin their lives.

men and women paying doubles tennis

The best outdoor fitness ideas

The gyms may be closed but daily exercise is still a priority for many. We’ve come up with the ultimate list of blood-pumping exercises that are perfect for an outdoorworkout.


Man in living room and a static bike joining a Zwift ride

All about Zwift - virtual indoor cycling

Zwift is an online indoor cycling training programme. It allows you to interact, train and compete with other cyclists in a virtual world. Hook up with the Neilson cycling club, join racesand keep your indoor training engaging and fun.

sunrise over a hill

Everything you need to know about Strava

Strava is the must have app for anybody heading out on a bike ride. It makes discovering the full potential of your local area easier than ever.

Group of people mountain biking in Croatia

How to get cycling fit

Improve your cycle fitness and you’ll enjoy riding more, it’s as simple as that! You’ll be able to cover greater distancesand you’ll no longer be at the back of the pack.


dinghy sailing in a bay in Greece

Sailing photography tips

From candid shots of the kids in action to that perfect sunset picture, it’s easier than ever for amateur photographers to master the art of sailing photography.

group of people dinghy sailing in Croatia

A beginner's guide to dinghy sailing

The following guide explains everything you need to know about dinghy sailing: the terminology, the kit, what to wear and how to get started.

Woman Windsurfing

Windsurfing tips and tricks

From the basic stance, tack and gybe, through to planing, and even more advanced aerial moves like the Vulcan and Forward Loop.


Tying knots for rock climbing

Rock climbing: the knot lowdown

Getting to grips with some basic knots is an important part of learning therock climbing ropes.We take a look at the seven most common rock climbing knots you might need on your adventures.

Young woman rock climbing in the Paklenica National Park in Croatia

Rock climbing grades explained.

As a diverse and international sport, climbing has – rather unhelpfully – developed an equally diverse and international set of alternative grading systems.

Man rock climbing in Croatia

Back to basics guide to rock climbing gear

It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to the climbing wall or the mountains, having the right rock climbing gear makes all the difference.


woman playing tennis

Tennis Forehand: top tips and techniques

What’s your forehand like? If you’re not returning balls with a precise, bullet-like shot, then read on.

Mark Petchey playing tennis at Messini Beachclub in Greece

Tennis backhand: top tips and techniques

If you want to step out onto the court with confidence, it’s best to master the art of the backhand.Here are our top backhand tips to complete your tennisgame.

Neilson tennis coach showing how to perform a tennis serve

Tennis serve :top tips and techniques

Serving is such a vital part of tennis at the top level, and it’s probably the part that most part-time players struggle to master. Here's a handy video from former GB player Mark Petchey, to help improve your serve.


Spanakopita Pie

Spanakopita Pie recipe

If you've been to one of our Greek Beachclubs you'll already be familiar with the latest recipe from Paris, one of our wonderfulGreek chefs.

Beef Stifado

Beef Stifado Recipe

Try this recipe for Beef Stifado. A traditional Greek stew with a rich red wine and tomato sauce packed full of tender beef and aromatic herbs.

Salmorejo Cordobes

Salmorejo Cordobes Recipe

Pedro, our Spanish chef shows you how to make Salmorejo Cordobes, a classic cold tomato soup recipe from the Andalucia region of Spain.


beach and shoreline

Summer Holiday Playlist

This holiday playlist will instantly take you to sunny beaches, chilled out beach bars and fun-filled Zumba sessions. Turn the music up and get dancing!

Caipirinha cocktail

Caipirinha cocktail recipe

Brazil’s national drink. Refreshing and easy to make, this classic cocktail is a combination of cachaça, sugar and loads of fresh lime.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe

An elegant and timeless cocktail. This fruity, punchy and pink drink is best served in a classic martini glass.



Milkshakes and mocktail recipes

On a sunny day, the kids will love chilling out with these cool mocktails and treat-packed milkshakes.


Music with Mike

Hop to the beat, it’s time to get active with our good friend ‘Music Mike’. Move, sing and dance to this holiday-inspired interactive music session for pre-schoolers.

Loukoumades 'Greek style doughnuts'

Loukoumades 'Greek doughnuts' recipe

Perfect for big and little kids, these crowd-pleasingGreek doughnuts are super easy to make and absolutely delicious.


George Rickman

George Rickman - Keeping Our Active On

How have I kept active? Quite simply… by doing what I love, setting goals, and eating ice cream. A lot of ice cream.

Ashley McCord

Ashley McCord

I have a passion for some of the more extreme watersports including kitesurfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing and scuba diving.

Girl standing in top of pile of rocks

Keep on exploring with Rebecca

I find that walking has become a great way to unwind, and think about life.It has definitely made me more aware of the environment and just to appreciate life.