You hear lots of well-meaning – but contrasting – advice during pregnancy. From the foods you should avoid to the dangers of riding your bike, the onslaught of warnings from well-meaning friends and relatives can be overwhelming.

Of course, you want to do the right thing as a mum, but there’s also no need to give up all the things you enjoy. If you’re a healthy mum-to-be, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy exercise and sports during pregnancy. In fact, there’s every reason you should!

Exercising boosts your fitness, energy, strength and mood. And that’s great preparation for everything that lies ahead. It’s all about adapting your workouts to suit your changing body. (If you have any health issues or pregnancy complications, always ask your doctor or midwife which exercises are safe to do.)

Here are some of our favourite ways to stay active during pregnancy, one trimester at a time…