Walk before you can run: that’s the established way to tackle any challenge. If you can picture yourself mooring your yacht in the crystal clear bay of a Greek island, then we've has drawn up the perfect chart to guide you from dinghy beginner to independent sailor and master of your own vessel.The journey is a delight at every step, but it can also impart some serious knowledge and leave you a qualified sailor, allowed to skipper your own boat around the Med.

You might catch the sailing bug at one of our beachclubs, dipping your toes into warm Mediterranean waters indinghy sailing sessions. Then, you can step into deeper water and book a stay and sail holiday that gives you a four-day introduction to the art of sailing before letting you loose for a week of sailing, enjoying planned port-to-port routes on your own yacht. Finally, you can dive into a flotilla holiday and chart more of your own course through one of our seven or fourteen-day trips.