An exhilarating mash-up of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding, wakeboarding has taken the world of watersports by storm. Strap a wakeboard to your feet and keep tight hold as you’re towed at speed across the water, riding the choppy waves of the boat’s wake.

Wakeboarding is super accessible, with some of the world’s best wakeparks springing up all over the UK. Many now use high-speed cables to tow you, installing fun obstacles to recreate the effect of the boat’s wake. You can hire all the equipment you need, and expert instructors are on hand to show you the ropes. Expect to get wet, work your body hard and have a tonne of fun!

Whether you’ve caught the bug at one of our beachclubs or fancy having a go before your holiday, there’s a wakepark to suit your ability and experience not too far away. Here are a few of our favourites.