Sophie Bubb is a professional athlete, triathlon coach, water sports enthusiast and mum to two young boys. Here she shares her top tips for getting your active on and ready to max out your next Neilson holiday.

One way or another, all our lives have been turned upside down by the coronavirus. Amidst the mayhem though, it’s also been a time to slow down. By mid-June I’m usually well into my racing season but 2020 is looking very different. No pro Ironman racing, no ultra-marathons and instead, lots of family fun.

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We’ve been loving regular obstacle races on our bikes in the garden. Anything goes and consider introducing a simple handicap system, to add a little more competition!

As part of the obstacle theme, we’ve also been learning how to tightrope walk on a slack line. Any old ratchet strap will do and keep the line short to begin with and maybe have somebody hold your hand.

Another favourite has been hunting out the local bike parks -or using homemade ramps- to learn how to take flight. We usually watch others for a bit… and then take on the smaller jumps first!

You can set these things up quickly and easily in your garden if you’ve got one, or with a bit of luck you can find some open space and quickly make it an adventure playground.

All the above are really great for your balance and core strength, which are the cornerstone of so many activities and a healthy, pain free life.

For when the kids are finally tired… and for those who love their indoor bike trainers, then there is always Zwift, a surprisingly engaging online cycling and running virtual training programme.

If virtual racing isn’t your thing, then pretty much any online group exercise classes (we set up a fun one with friends on Zoom) are a great way to motivate yourself and get your active on.

Whenever I do get the chance to venture out, I’ve been exploring new bike routes on Strava and fighting for King of the Mountain titles!

And to relax, I love a bit of aerial yoga and have been hanging my sling from a tree. It’s easy to learn online and with a few drinks in the evening, this is all perfect training for your next Neilson holiday!

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