During quarantine, I have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. I have been walking my dog Alfie, going swimming, mountain biking, having BBQs, camping, and much more.

But living on the west coast of Scotland the weather is very inconsistent... so when it is bad weather I will do home workouts, play guitar and sing. Luckily quarantine weather has been pretty good so I have managed to keep myself busy.

I have been using this time to focus especially on my fitness and mental health and wellbeing. I have lost 10 kilograms since my arrival home from my winter season in St Anton, Austria by controlling my diet and keeping to a "Push, Pull, Legs split" gym routine which I found to be very successful and maintainable.

I have also encouraged my friends to join me in my activities which keeps them interesting and fun. Mountain biking has been my main sport since lockdown and has kept me busy most days as I am lucky to have trails 10 minutes away from my doorstep!I am gradually working my skills up enough so I can eventually hit the bigger jumps. Luckily the lockdown restrictions have been eased and have allowed me to take part in these activities with my friends with social distancing in place.