In five months, since this journey began, we have seen such changes in the world. The impacts of which would hit us with grief, sadness and sometimes worry, economically for many. Those effects have been felt globally.

We may still be in the closing chapters of this story, but how we have dealt with it and continue to, can impact so deeply on ourselves and those around us.

I’ve spent many years of my life being lucky enough to enrich the lives of others and that fills me with happiness.There has never been a more important time to do this. Its been an opportunity to give love and support and to help keep, and build people’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our priority has been family, vulnerable parents, shopping for them and visiting them while isolated. Our daughter and grandsons, who moved in with us following significant changes in her life.Whilst both circumstances present sadness, worry or anxiety, each have given us all an opportunity to nurture, support and grow. We’ve been fortunate enough to bring them into our ‘bubble’ and include them even more in wonderful activities outdoors. For that we are all so grateful.

So with faith and resilience , we create certainty that we will all come through this better.Everyone has been given a unique chance to press the reset button. To take forward only what we really need, the things that have brought us happiness and added value to our lives. I’ve missed swimming, the gym and Pilates classes... missed my go to areas in the Lakes and Dales. Missed close contact with some of those I love.

However, we’ve benefited so much from what’s on our doorstep and taken time to chatwith people we may have only previously acknowledged politely.We’ve spent time exploring and learning through play as a family, walking, running, and discovering... learning andgrowing together as you can see in my video. I do hope you enjoy learning a little more about me!