This year sees a fantastic new direction for our cycling holidays. We've teamed up with Boardman Bikes to offer the highest specification and most extensive range of bikes yet in our top five cycling destinations across Spain, Sardinia and Greece. The partnership with Boardman Bikes is something we're incredibly excited about; as a cycling brand, Boardman Bikes are as passionate about cycling as we are.

Boardman is a British cycling brand formed in 2007, yet its lineage goes back much further thanks to its namesake, the Olympic Gold medalist, World record holder and cycling advocate Chris Boardman MBE. Following an illustrious career as a pro cyclist, achieving multiple National titles, grand tour success, Olympic Gold and World records, Chris utilised his knowledge and experience to support a new generation of Olympians through his role as R&D director at British Cycling, overseeing product innovation for the 2008 Olympic games.

At the same time, the idea was born to create a British bike brand with Chris - his passion for innovation and performance at its heart. Fast forward over ten years, and the brand continues to go from strength to strength. Boardman powered athletes have won gold in every Olympics since the brand's inception in 2007 and the products have won countless awards for quality, value and performance.

All about Boardman Bikes...

  • Available in five Beachclubs: Mar Menor in Spain, Buca, Messini and Retreat in Greece and Baia dei Mori in Sardinia
  • Introduction of a carbon road bike as standard fleet bike
  • More extensive range of bikes including hybrid and adventure bikes in the standard bike fleet
  • Full suspension mountain bikes as standard in Mar Menor Beachclub