Group of people road cycling in Sardinia

Our top five cycling routes in Sardinia

Our bike team have mapped out the best cycling routes that cover the picturesque area surrounding Baia dei Mori Beachclub, catering to all ability levels and ranging from relaxing road routes to challenging mountain trails.

aerial view of man mountain biking

Four great cycle routes in Peloponnese, Greece

The area of the south Peloponneseoffers a vast and varied amount of cycling terrain from traffic free flat beach tracks to steep alpine-like passes, catering superbly for the entire cycling ability spectrum, from beginners up to avid mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Two men road cycling on holiday

Eight things to know before going on a bike holiday

Whether you’re an occasional Sunday rider, lycra-clad racer or love the challenge of an off-road adventure there’s a biking holiday for you.

Toby simmons cycling in Mar Menor

Mar Menor and La Vuelta 2021

Come and join us at Mar Menor Beachclub to witness close up the spectacle that is La Vuelta, the legendary Spanish Grand Tour and one of the leading cycling races in the international calendar.

Family cycling at sunset

Cycling with children

Children as young as three can learn to ride, and once your child has picked up the basics, you can set off on longer bike rides and maybethe exciting world of mountain biking.

Group cycling

Everything you need to know about group cycling

Whether you’re considering joining a group road ride or hitting the trails with some fellow mountain bikers, we’ve covered everything you need to know about cycling in a group.

Chris Boardman MBE

Seven reasons to get back in the saddle with Chris Boardman MBE

With over 71% of Brits admitting theydon’t ride a bike regularly, Neilson’s new partnership with Boardman Bikes is the perfect way to fall back in love with cycling.

people mountain biking down a rocky track

The benefits of off-road cycling

Whilst road cycling is great for both fitness and fun, we here at Neilson believe in the power of going off the beaten track. Here are just some of the benefits of going off-road, and the reasons why any keen cyclist should consider leaving the tarmac behind.

Two people cycling in Greek countryside

The best alternative exercises for cyclists

We’ve listed our favourite alternative exercises for cyclists that will boost your performance, recovery and mobility.

a couple of people on road bikes

The 8 best bike accessories you can buy right now

There are some fantastic bike accessories out there that can help enhance your ride – and satisfy your inner gadget freak. Whether you love ridingon roads or trails, check out our bike team’s round-up of their favourite riding accessories.

Three people road cycling

The rules of the road: cycling rules and laws explained

Whilst road cycling is an exhilarating way to exercise and explore, it can be rather daunting if you’re unsure of the rules. Here we give you a refresher on the basics.

Banana on a bicyle

Fuel up: the best foods if you love cycling

Cycling is one of the ultimate calorie burners. And, whether you love hitting the roads or the trails, everyone from beginners to pros can improve their performance in the saddle with the right nutrition.

group of people cycling at sunset

Packing essentials for a cycling holiday

If you’re yet to discover the joys of a cycling holiday, give it a go – you won’t regret it. But first things first, what should you take before setting off?

Man and woman mountain biking in Vassiliki, Greece

The benefits of cycling and how to get started

Cycling is unbelievably fun. Consider it official. A Neilson-endorsed fact. So if you’ve been looking for that final push to hop on the saddle, come join the ride as we take a look at the benefits of cycling and some top tips for beginners.

two men off road mountain biking

Everything you need to know about mountain biking

Always fancied giving mountain biking a go but not sure if it’s for you? We’ve got good news: mountain biking is for everyone. Consider it official.

Man mountain biking by the sea in Sardinia

Chosen by us: Top 5 cycle locations for 2018

Whether you’re a devoted roadie, an adrenaline-seeking mountain biker or someone who just fancies giving it a try, our cycle team has chosen their five favourite biking locations for 2018 just for you.

sunrise over a hill

Everything you need to know about Strava

Strava is the must have app for anybody heading out on a bike ride. It makes discovering the full potential of your local area easier than ever.

Bike tyres

How to repair a bike puncture

No matter how good your tyres, or how carefully you ride, punctures do happen. Don’t panic! Here’s what you’ll need to know:

4 people on road bikes

Britain's road bike boom, and why you need to get involved

Since the rise of Wiggins and Team Sky thousands of people across Britain, male and female, young and old have taken to the exhilarating and hugely rewarding sport of road cycling.

Two people mountain biking in countryside of Lefkada, Greece

Four great cycle routes on Lefkada, Greece

One of our favourite places to ride in Greece is the beautiful, mountainous island of Lefkada. The terrain lends itself perfectly to mountain biking and there’s some decent road cycling too.

Aerial view of cycling on Lesvos, Greece

Three great cycle routes on Lesvos, Greece

If you love mountain biking, you will love riding on the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos. Lesvos is a big island (the 3rd largest in Greece) yet it is one of the least discovered and retains an authentic feel.

Group of people mountain biking in Croatia

How to get cycling fit

Improve your cycle fitness and you’ll enjoy riding more, it’s as simple as that! You’ll be able to cover greater distancesand you’ll no longer be at the back of the pack.

road bike and cycle helmet

Six essentials to bring (and leave at home!) on a Neilson cycling holiday

To make life easier and to give you an idea of what to pack we’ve put together a list of sixessentials we think you should bring with you (or leave at home).

Group of people road cycling in Greece

A bluffer's guide to road cycling holidays

Here’s our guide to road cycling for complete beginners and our tips for getting out on the road.

aerial view of man on mountain bike

Seven cycling holidays to get you back in the saddle

From gentle cruises through rural villages to coastal downhill thrills and challenging off-road routes.

Group of people road biking

Nine reasons why runners should try cycling

If you're a runner, then a bike could be one of your most valuable training tools.Cycling can improve your running performance, build muscle strength and aid recovery.

Man and woman road cycling

Mountain biking vs road cycling

Which is your favourite way of getting about on two wheels? We’re here to give a balanced view and debunk a few myths at the same time, pedal this way…