Family cycling at sunset

Cycling with children

Children as young as three can learn to ride, and once your child has picked up the basics, you can set off on longer bike rides and maybethe exciting world of mountain biking.

Three young children splashing in pool with nanny

Why Neilson kids' clubs are so great

"What are the best holidays for kids?” “Will they have fun?” “Will they be safe?” Just some of the questions you may find yourself asking before booking your family holiday.This is where our kids’ clubs come into their own: our nannies are brilliant with little ones, so you know they’ll be really well looked after.

Toddler learning to swim

Teaching children to swim

Teaching your little ones to swim is one of the best and most memorable gifts a parent can give. But how on earth to do you do it properly? Well, we drafted in some of our swim coaches for their top tips on how to teach children to swim. The fun way.

Two young girls eating ice cream on a beach in Italy

Travelling to Italy as a family

Italy truly deserves its reputation as one of the most genuinely family-friendly destinations in the world. From pizza and gelato to sunshine and beaches, you’d be hard-pressed to dream up a more popular holiday menu if you tried.

Throw in the famous Italian hospitality and a whole host of fun activities and you’ve got yourselves a family adventure to remember!

Pregnant woman on beach

Holidays during pregnancy: the Neilson guide

Our Neilson guide to holidaying during pregnancy gives you the lowdown on when to travel, what to consider and where to go. We’ve got some beautiful pregnancy-friendly destinations for you...

young girl in swimming pool

Tips for teaching little ones to swim

Teaching your little ones to swim is one of the best and most memorable gifts a parent can give. But how on earth to do you do it properly? Well, we drafted in some of our swim coaches for their top tips on how to teach children to swim. The fun way.

Group of children playing and splashing in sea

Growing up as a Neilson kid

We spoke to Bex, who has been on her fair share of Neilson holidays and has spent her summers immersed in the various kid’s clubs, learning a whole host of new skills and making loads of new friends. For Bex, Neilson is like a family, super friendly and super fun.

close up of beach and shoreline

A guide to packing for your family beach holiday

There’s lots to consider when your packing for a family beach holiday, especially if you and the family will be enjoying water sports and other activities too. Check out the list below in preparation for your next holiday.

Young boy on kneeboard

Why learning watersports will change your family's life

Learning to sail or windsurf (or kayak or water ski or paddle board) with your family on holiday willcreate holiday memories that’ll last a lifetime.

woman enjoying a drink and sitting by the swimming pool

6 reasons why parents SHOULD have 'me time' on holiday

We ran a survey of 1,000 UK parents to reveal that half (49%) of them feel guilty about wanting to do their own thing, without the kids, on their family holiday.

group of young children sitting along edge of swimming pool

Toddlers to teens: How to make family holidays fun

The excitement and anticipation of a holiday with the whole family can be just as exciting and almost as much fun as the holiday itself.

Man and young girl in sea

Bikes, balls or boards. What's the best activity for your family holiday?

Activity holidays are a great option for families with a shared sense of adventure.

Eight reasons why real kids love holiday clubs

Eight reasons why real kids love holiday clubs

The family holiday is fast approaching and you’re may be wondering whether to take advantage of the children’s clubs available on a Neilson Beachclub holiday.

young boy dinghy sailing

Why it's important to learn new things as a family

Family holidays are of course always brilliant but why not go one step further and learn something new together this year?

woman walking along the beach

How to enjoy 'me time' on a family holiday

Let us share our top tips for securing some ‘me time’ to rest and rejuvenate, as well as some ideas for how you might spend it.

Two teenagers on a kayak

How to have a teenager-friendly holiday

Keeping teenagers amused on a family holiday is no mean feat.Here are a few of our secrets to a teenager-friendly holiday:

young girl and nanny playing in the pool

Why are family holidays so important?

It’s safe to say we’re all aware that a family holiday is a good idea but just what are the actual benefits?

toddler playing in swimming pool

Being active with a baby in tow

It’s still possible to enjoy an active lifestyle and nothing beats the rush of adrenalin when you try something new, even when you’ve just had a baby.

Beach in Sardinia

A family friendly travel guide to Sardinia

Baia dei Mori Beachclub, is situated on the north east coast of Sardinia,with fine, golden sand andcrystal clear water it’s theperfect spot for family holidays.

Fishing boats in water near Starigrad in Croatia at sunset

A family friendly travel guide to Croatia

Alana Beachclub in Croatia is situated on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia between the Adriatic Sea and the Paklenica National Park

Olive Grove in Greece

A family friendly travel guide to Greece

Neilson have been operating holidays to Greece for decades now and it’s safe to say we think it’s a wonderful destination for families!

Group of children on tennis court

How to plan the perfect beach holiday for the whole family

Let us talk you through our guide to researching, organising and booking the perfect (stress-free) getaway.

group of toddlers holdimg hands and walking along the beach

Ten tips for travelling with toddlers

If you’re planning your first family holiday overseas, here are our top ten tips to help make travelling with toddlers as easy as a walk in the park.

Pregnant woman stretching after a run

What sports can you play when you're pregnant?

If you’re a healthy mum-to-be, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy exercise and sports during pregnancy. In fact, there’s every reason you should! Exercising boosts your fitness, energy, strength and mood. And that’s great preparation for everything that lies ahead.

2 girls holding tennis balls

Tennis holidays for kids

Tennis is just one of the huge range of fun activities we offer for kids aged between 2and 17 years old in our children's club.

children jumping into the sea

Watersports for you and your teenagers

Push out of your comfort zones by learning something together and you could even find yourselves with a new joint passion.

Group of children playing in swimming pool

How to organise a family Olympic games on holiday

Creating your own family version of the Olympics is a great way to get everybody active and together, with a little healthy competition thrown in for good measure.

Family sitting on bean bags

Parents: letting go for the first time on holiday

As parents, it’s something we all have to face. It could be their first day at school or their first sleepover, but, at some point, we have to let the little ones go and do their thing.Here’s how you can make those difficult moments a little easier, and why Neilson holidays are the best environment for it.

Father and daughter on a kayak

Seven great ways to exercise as a family

While your kids might not be old enough to join you on your more adventurous sporting endeavours, there's a fantastic range ofactivities that you can enjoy as a family.
From family bike rides to game of tennis, check out our favourite ways to treat the whole family to a hit of those feel-good endorphins:

Woman and child on beach at sunset

How to relax on a family holiday

From the packing to the journey to the holiday itself, there's plenty of potential for stress when you have your favourite clan in tow.

But plan it right and a family holiday can be everything you want it to be. Exciting, active and relaxing for everybody. Here are our top tips for a chilled out family holiday