Man in living room and a static bike joining a Zwift ride

All about Zwift - virtual indoor cycling

Zwift is an online indoor cycling training programme. It allows you to interact, train and compete with other cyclists in a virtual world. Hook up with the Neilson cycling club, join racesand keep your indoor training engaging and fun.

sunrise over a hill

Everything you need to know about Strava

Strava is the must have app for anybody heading out on a bike ride. It makes discovering the full potential of your local area easier than ever.

Group of people mountain biking in Croatia

How to get cycling fit

Improve your cycle fitness and you’ll enjoy riding more, it’s as simple as that! You’ll be able to cover greater distancesand you’ll no longer be at the back of the pack.

Bike tyres

How to repair a bike puncture

No matter how good your tyres, or how carefully you ride, punctures do happen. Don’t panic! Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Man and woman road cycling

Mountain biking vs road cycling

Which is your favourite way of getting about on two wheels? We’re here to give a balanced view and debunk a few myths at the same time, pedal this way…

Three people road cycling

The rules of the road: cycling rules and laws explained

Whilst road cycling is an exhilarating way to exercise and explore, it can be rather daunting if you’re unsure of the rules. Here we give you a refresher on the basics.

Family cycling at sunset

Cycling with children

Children as young as three can learn to ride, and once your child has picked up the basics, you can set off on longer bike rides and maybethe exciting world of mountain biking.

Two people cycling in Greek countryside

The best alternative exercises for cyclists

We’ve listed our favourite alternative exercises for cyclists that will boost your performance, recovery and mobility.

Banana on a bicyle

Fuel up: the best foods if you love cycling

Cycling is one of the ultimate calorie burners. And, whether you love hitting the roads or the trails, everyone from beginners to pros can improve their performance in the saddle with the right nutrition.