Live fitness classes with Stride

Stride is a fitness platform that connects you with online coaches, instructors and teachers to help youachieve your fitness goals, wherever you are.


Meet the Stride instructors

We’re on a mission to bring amazing instructors to the masses, trainers brimming withjoy and enthusiasm for the job.


Yoga flow with Jasmine

Join Jasmine for a relaxing yoga sessions working through sun salutations and progressions, together with hip openers in Yin postures.


Yoga flow with Daisy

Daisy will take you through a 45 minute Vinyasa based flow. Daisy will introduce options for all abilities as she goes through the flow.

girl doing yoga

Heart opening yoga with Jasmine

This yoga session with Jasmine will focus on stretching out between the ribs, opening up the chest and working through the back muscles.

girl doing the plank on a stand up paddle board

HIIT with Mhairi

Get ready to sweat as Mhairi takes you through an energising HIIT (high intensity interval training) session.