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group of people doing yoga by the sea

Yoga benefits and beginners' tips

Have you always wanted to give yoga a go? Now is the perfect time to try yoga. It'ssuper easy to get started and just about everyone can benefit from a little zenin their lives.

men and women paying doubles tennis

The best outdoor fitness ideas

The gyms may be closed but daily exercise is still a priority for many. We’ve come up with the ultimate list of blood-pumping exercises that are perfect for an outdoorworkout.

Zumna sign

Top Zumba song tracks from our dance instructors

Get into the zone with our top tracks from our Zumba instructors in the fitness and yoga teams. These sassy shakersare sure to get you moving.

2 people doing yoga at sunset

10 of the best yoga poses for two

The days of partner yoga are here, and while it may sound like a bit of a gimmick, there are serious benefits to it. Better posture, improved levels of communication, trust and increased strength – what’s not to like?

two women and instructor doing a HIIT class

Tabata workout basics for HIIT fans

Check out our Tabata beginners’ guide for all you need to know about this variation on a HIIT workout.

People being taught yoga

Yoga breathing techniques

The breathing techniques learned from yoga can be used at any time in any place where you may feel the need to realign or calm yourself.

Girl meditating at sunset

A guide to meditation

The stress-relieving power of meditation is surprisingly easy to get into: you don’t need special candles or a stunning beachfront setting- all you need is you, and a couple of free minutes.

Group of people doing fitness with balance balls

Training for sports

If you’re looking to improve your strength, balance, and endurance for a specific sport, there are certain exercises that are good for each individual sport.