Choosing a sport isn’t as easy as it sounds. Why? Because everyone is different.

You might like full-on, high-intensity workouts, whereas others may favour the social side to exercise. Intensity might be important to some, but not to those who keep body and mind healthy through gentle activity. We’re all different, and we like to exercise in different ways.The key is finding the right sport for you.

And this is what makes a Neilson activity holiday, the opportunity to discover your thing. The thing that makes you tick. The majority of sports are included in our packages, meaning the chance that you’ll actually find something you love is, quite frankly, through the roof. And that’s the best advice we can give: try as many things as you can, and as many as you want. You never know which sport you might end up falling in love with - it’ll probably be something you never would’ve thought of.

In the meantime, here’s a little inspiration to match some seriously addictive sports with your exercise habits.