triathlete emerging from water after completing swim

Everything you need to know for your first triathlon

So, you’ve decided to tick ‘do a triathlon’ off your bucket list. But where exactly should you start when it comes to prepping for the big day? We'll run (bike and swim) you through everything you need to know for your first triathlon.

Two women running by the sea in Sardinia

Our top three running trails in Sardinia

Our run clubs, arranged and guided by our fitness team, are an amazing way to maintain (or gain) fitness whilst taking in the sights of Sardinia. There are running routes to match every ability level, from off-road trails to road runs around the local villages.

girl running by the sea

10 reasons why runners should do yoga

Yoga can play a brilliant supporting role in your run training, helping you develop the strength, flexibility and mindset needed to achieve your running goals - whether that's a marathon or your local Parkrun.

two people exercising at the beach

Top ways to exercise at the beach

If you’re lucky enough to be near to a beach, you’ve got unlimited access to nature’s gym.Our guide to the top ways to exercise at the beach can help you break out of a workout rut and make the most of your beautiful environment.

couple running on a beach

Your ultimate guide to holiday workouts

For some, a holiday is a great chance to relax, unwind, and take a break from exercising. But for others, a holiday is the perfect timeto work on your fitness and try a few new activities along the way.

men and women paying doubles tennis

The best outdoor fitness ideas

The gyms may be closed but daily exercise is still a priority for many. We’ve come up with the ultimate list of blood-pumping exercises that are perfect for an outdoorworkout.

Group of people doing yoga outdoors

Yoga vs Pilates: the lowdown

Yoga focuses on peace of mind, flexibility and broad muscle groups, whereas Pilates focuses on strength, muscle toning and control. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here, we pit yoga and Pilates against one another in various categories. But which will come out on top?

group of people doing yoga by the sea

Yoga benefits and beginners' tips

Have you always wanted to give yoga a go? Now is the perfect time to try yoga. It'ssuper easy to get started and just about everyone can benefit from a little zenin their lives.

Group of people doing yoga by the sea

Get fit on holiday instead of before!

You don't need to be fit to go on a Neilson holiday, but you could go home fitter and healthier after a week or two in the sun.

girl doing front crawl in swimming pool

How to choose a fitness holiday

Never been on a fitness holiday? Not sure if it’s for you? That could be about to change.You see, how you spend a fitness holiday is entirely up to one person, and that'syou!

people playing tennis

Five ways tennis can keep you fit

Have you been inspired by the likes of Andy Murray and Serena Williams to pick up a racket but not sure how to get stuck into training?

two people playing tennis

Getting fit for a tennis holiday

Getting just a little fitter willhelpyou get the most from your tennis, sowe’ve come up with some easy tennis exercises that will get you mentally and physically prepped for your next time on the courts.

Group of people windsurfing

How to keep fit on a beach holiday

Our activity manager Gary Sinclair explains the benefits of the most popular watersports you can try on holiday, explaining how they’ll give both your mind and body a workout.

Zumna sign

Top Zumba song tracks from our dance instructors

Get into the zone with our top tracks from our Zumba instructors in the fitness and yoga teams. These sassy shakersare sure to get you moving.

woman swimming under water

10 pool exercises to try in your local pool

Pool exercises are not only a fantastic addition to your regular swimming routine, but they’re also a great alternative to swimming when recovering from an injury. If you are on your very own road to recovery, ease back into exercise by building up your strength in the pool.

Group of people doing Zumba

Why Zumba is so good for you

While it might seem like Zumba is all about having a great time shaking your booty to some funky tunes, it’s actually a fantastic workout too. These upbeat and accessible classes target both your cardiovascular fitness and core strength, working every single muscle group as you dance.

people doing yoga outdoors

The best yoga moves for relieving back pain

Here we list some of the best yoga moves for relieving back pain to help you breathe deep and tackle your day with gusto.

2 people doing yoga at sunset

10 of the best yoga poses for two

The days of partner yoga are here, and while it may sound like a bit of a gimmick, there are serious benefits to it. Better posture, improved levels of communication, trust and increased strength – what’s not to like?

People being taught yoga

Yoga breathing techniques

The breathing techniques learned from yoga can be used at any time in any place where you may feel the need to realign or calm yourself.

group of people doing aqua fit in swimming pool

Spotlight on aqua fit

At its basic level, aqua fit is similar to a land-based aerobics class, complete with motivating music and an energetic instructor leading the group. There are also a growing number of variations from aqua running to aqua tai chi.

two women and instructor doing a HIIT class

Tabata workout basics for HIIT fans

Check out our Tabata beginners’ guide for all you need to know about this variation on a HIIT workout.

Woman doing yoga outdoors

Different yoga styles and how to find the right one for you

With so many different types of yoga classes out there, all with their own benefits, challenges, and enthusiastic devotees, how do you know where to start?The good news is there’s a yoga class for everyone, whether you’re looking for an energetic workout, a spiritual experience or some help recovering from an injury.

Girl meditating at sunset

A guide to meditation

The stress-relieving power of meditation is surprisingly easy to get into: you don’t need special candles or a stunning beachfront setting- all you need is you, and a couple of free minutes.

Group of people mountain biking in Croatia

How to get cycling fit

Improve your cycle fitness and you’ll enjoy riding more, it’s as simple as that! You’ll be able to cover greater distancesand you’ll no longer be at the back of the pack.

Group of people road biking

Nine reasons why runners should try cycling

If you're a runner, then a bike could be one of your most valuable training tools.Cycling can improve your running performance, build muscle strength and aid recovery.

Group of people doing fitness with balance balls

Training for sports

If you’re looking to improve your strength, balance, and endurance for a specific sport, there are certain exercises that are good for each individual sport.

Woman having a back massage

The best spa treatments for different activities

Whether you’ve been cycling, windsurfing, skiing or climbing, we’ve got some great recovery spa treatments to get you firing on all cylinders again. And some that simply offer pure pampering bliss after a long day relaxing by the pool.